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The madman’s daughter
By Megan Shepherd

This debut novel was inspired by H. G. Well’s book The island of Dr Moreau

“In the darkest places, even love is deadly”.
Juliet Moreau is 16 and has built a new life for herself in London, working as a maid, going to church and trying to forget the scandal that ruined her life. The scandal was all about her father although no one ever proved the rumors about his gruesome experiments. She soon discovers that he is alive and still working on a remote tropical island. Juliet decides to find out if the accusations are true.
Along the way we meet Montgomery, her father’s handsome young assistant. We also meet the castaway, Edward and of course she is deeply drawn to both of them. On the island she discover the depths of her father’s madness. Horror, scientific curiosity and dangerous creatures it isn’t long before Juliet knows she has to put an end to her father’s experiments and escape before it is too late. Does madness travel in the genes?
This sounds so cool I have ordered it from the library but I may just have to find it in a shop before then as I can’t wait.

Carnival of souls
by Melissa Marr

Carnival of Souls is the epicentre of The City which is inhabited by daimons and where the hated witches have been banned for years to live among the human world, mostly undetected.
The City’s rigid caste system determines one’s fate at birth but once every generation a competition is held, open to all castes, with a chance to challenge their standing and rise to a place with the elite.
Aya, born in to the ruling caste, rebels against The City’s social norms by being the first ruling-caste girl to enter the competition instead of marrying and breeding as she is expected to do. Kaleb, born into the lowest caste fights to escape.
Mallory has lived with the humans since early infancy and has been taught to hate daimons.
Mallory, Kaleb, and Aya’s lives are intertwined as each is called in to join the fight between daimons and witches.

I was very lucky to be part of a panel discussion last week on some of the best books this year. My focus was picture books and I discussed The man in the moon by William Joyce. It is one book in a series about the characters who watch over and protect children from all manner of things, including nightmares. The theory from the characters themselves, is that as long as children believe in the likes of Santa, Jack Frost, Easter bunny, the tooth fairy and the man in the moon, then they will be protected.
The man in the moon has wonderful, bright illustrations and while the story is longer than the usual 32 page format, the story is full of adventure where moonbots protect Mim (man in the moon) as he grows to be a man who in turn protects the children on earth. Lovely.

What is also great is that there is now a movie involving these wonderful childhood iconic characters we all believed in. I can’t wait to see Rise of the Guardians and find out if Jack Frost saves the day, with a bit of help from everyone else of course. Not a book trailer but I couldn’t resist adding this movie trailer and while it is out in the USA we have to wait until New Year to see it here in NZ. Not fair!

Mystic City
by Theo Lawrence

Set in a time where climate change has wrecked havoc, Aria Rose has trouble working out why her parents have betrothed her to the son of her sworn enemies. She knows the union could put an end to years of fighting but doesn’t remember falling in love with Thomas. In fact, she wakes one day with huge gaps in her memory but when she meets Hunter, a mysterious rebel, things begin to stir. Who is he? How does he hold the secrets of her past? If you enjoy the series Matched (previous post) and The Hunger Games, then this could well be worth hunting down. A bit of mystery, political rebellion, romance and danger!

By Ally Condie (Book 3 in the Matched trilogy)


In the first book Matched in Cassia’s society, Officials decide who people love. They decide how many children they are to have and where they work. They even decide when they die. But Cassia finds herself falling in love with another boy, someone she is not matched with and she is determined to make some choices of her own. That is when her whole world begins to unravel…

In Reached “Cassia, Ky, and Xander return to the Society to save the one thing they have been denied for so long: the power to choose”
But at what cost?

Crossed (Book 2)

And a reminder of book 1 posted on this blog last year.

Ketcup clouds
By Annabel Pitcher

I loved Annabel Pitcher’s heart wrenching book My sister lives on the mantelpiece which I read last year.
It was a moving and emotional story of loss and grief and the power it has to destroy families. I am looking forward to this new book very much. I admit my copy has been sitting by my bed for awhile waiting for just the right moment to read it. Pitcher is one of those authors where you want to savour the taste of the story and words. This trailer has just been released so I think it might be time to get stuck in now and read it.

Zoe has a secret. A secret so bad that she is desperate to share it to ease her guilt but can’t bare to tell family or friends. Instead she chooses a criminal on Death Row. Stuart Harris is a stranger and it is to him that Zoe pours out her heart and her guilt.
If you want to read an interview with the author about her latest book then pop on over to Zac’s blog at bestfriendsrbooks. You will also see his review of this book too so do take a look.

What’s left of me
By Kat Zhang
Hybrid Chronicles Book 1

This sounds so intriguing I have just placed a hold for a library copy but may have to wait as all copies are out. Rats!
It is a time when children are born with two souls. One of the souls is dominant, and the other is recessive. After a few years of the child’s life, the recessive soul is supposed to fade away (settle) leaving behind the dominant soul. If that doesn’t happen then the child is known as a hybrid. Eva and Addie have known each other always, two souls sharing the same body. Starting out just like everyone else, taking turns to learn to walk and talk but they did not settle. Doctors thought Addie was healthy and declared Eva gone. But, she wasn’t . . . Hybrids are hated and feared and the governement hunts them down.
Eva clings to the remnants of her life and the only one who knows she’s still there, trapped inside their body is Addie. But how can she help her Can’t wait!

In the lion
By James Foley
Walker Books

This truly is a delightful picture book for all ages. Just what is inside the lions mouth? Well, there is a dentist and … What they need is a hero to save the day. Can Richard be that hero? Find out when you read the book. It’s a great repetitive picture book which will engage younger readers. This is one of our most popular books and is being read all the time at school.

By Darren Shan

Simon & Schuster
I picked up this book in my local bookstore and began reading. It still gives me shivers. I have this image of a zombie bent over a body and scooping out the remains of the face. (And that is only page one!)
I put the book straight back down but you know I am going to have to go back and buy it because I really want to know what happend. Not a huge zombie fan but this one is calling out for me to go and rescue it to read. (Not a book to be read at night on your own however).
Reportedly not just about zombies but also deals with issues of racism and abuse of power.
“A high body-count is guaranteed!”
This is just number one with many more to come.

My life undecided
By Jessica Brody

If you enjoy blogging and reading then this will be one to read. It has been around for awhile but is worth sharing.
Brooklyn is 15 years old and notorious for making the wrong choices in her everyday life. So she begins a blog where she asks her followers to make the choices for her. At first it all seems like a grand idea but Brooklyn soon discovers that there are some choices no one can make for her.