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By Tobhy Riddle
Allen & Unwin

“Nobody knows where they come from.
But they come.
Impossible birds of the big sky
and the long night…”

I love this book. It is a thought provoking hardback picture/fiction book of few words. The illustrations tell us so much more than words. We are encouraged to be aware of others and to remember them and the impact on our lives or the lives of others. The illustrations are a mix of photographic collage and drawings mostly in darker shades. The choice of shadowy colours suggests so much around us is unseen or un-noticed. Or worse – fogotten! I could spend hours reading and re-reading this book. Something new to look at every time. It is both beautiful and haunting. Definitley a 5 out of 5.
The music for the trailer is perfect for the book.

For teachers there are teaching notes available here.

A touch mortal
By Leah Clifford

Not sure how I missed these books. The first has been out a year and the second is just about to be released. Will be hunting them out from the library. Libraries are brilliant and we don’t even have to pay to borrow such wonderful titles. The other option of course is to support your local bookshops which I do.

This is a dark, debut novel about life, death, and what lies in between. Eden is caught in a war between Heaven and Hell. She is also in love with a conflicted angel and has powers she shouldn’t have but powers that others want.

A touch morbid (Book 2)

Unearthly series

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By Cynthia Hand

This is book two in the Unearthly series, by new author Cynthia Hand. See trailer below for the first book.
Clara is coping with the consequences of the choices she made in Unearthly.
Both of these trailers make me want to go out and buy the books straight away.


Clara found she was part-angel when she turned fourteen. Now she is having visions of a terryifying bush fire. Clara finds herself , two years later, with feelings for both Christian, the boy she meets who is from her visions, and her classmate, Tucker. When the fire becomes real both young men are in danger but who will she choose to save? This is the first book in the series.

Cynthia Leitich Smith
Diabolical is the latest book to be published in the Tantalize series.
Fast-paced gothic fantasy with angels, werewolves, vampires and of course romance. This new book has such a great trailer that I am sure you will want to read the whole series. The trailers for the other three books are also below.

Tantalize Book 1

Eternal Book 2

Blessed Book 3

Angels, demons and the devil

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by Alexandra Adornetta
If you love dark forces, demons, angels, and even a love story then these books are ideal. The sleepy town of Venus Cove is about to change forever.

By A. Adornetto
The sequel to Halo

Clockwork angel
By Cassandra Clare

Yes, more demons but thrown into the mix this time are vampires, supernatural folk and shadowhunters.
This is book one of a prequel series; The Infernal Devices to Cassandra Clare’s first series The Mortal Instruments


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By Lauren Kate   (The sequel to Fallen)

There is a war coming.  You choose – do you want Heaven or do you want Hell?


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By Lauren Kate

Fallen angels, love story and everything in between.