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Johnny Danger
By Peter Millet

ISBN 9781743485873

It is great to see a New Zealand children’s book trailer as they tend to be few and far between. And it is pretty good too, I must say.
Unfortunately Johnny Danger isn’t out until February next year but I am always keen to promote New Zealand books and writers, and as we have a number of the authors books in my school library then I am sure this will be worth waiting for.
My favourite is The ANZAC puppy.

” Danger’s not his middle name – it’s his surname.

Meet the world’s greatest prankster who has
fooled everyone with his fake spy website.

Given a multimillion dollar budget, he’s
free to design any gadget he likes.

But the world’s not enough when it comes
to playing practical jokes and Johnny’s
appetite for destruction could soon see him
unable to lie another day.

Johnny Danger – he’s double the ‘O’
and triple the ‘NO’.”

A couple of YA book trailers from the USA. If you enjoy a good frolic between good and evil with witches and covens the The red bishop might be for you.

The red bishop
By Greg Boose

Released November

“Lake Price isn’t your average teenage girl.

Sure, she and her friends are doing what many other high school kids do on Cape Cod: heading to Chatham Manor—nicknamed “Hell”—for a good scare. But for Lake, it’s more than just a thrill-seeking game. It’s what keeps her alive.

Ever since her brother, Kimball, disappeared four years ago, Lake has needed the danger and the fear to feel anything but numb.

But on this night, “Hell” has more in store for Lake than she ever anticipated: A handsome stranger from the 17th century, a modern love triangle, a coven of witches, a hint that Kimball may still be alive… and the start to something that only she can finish.”

Or if you like a good fight between right and wrong then this series of surviving at all costs might be for you.
And another trailer for a series that has been out for awhile but still going strong.
Greyson Gray series
By B. C. Tweedt

“When the world grows more dangerous, so must its heroes”

Greyson Gray: Camp Legend Book one
Camp Legend “is an exciting adventure threaded with witty, sarcastic humor and gritty suspense. You will not only enjoy being in Greyson’s shoes as he battles evil in thrilling chases, but also as he deals with his awkward first crush, menacing bullies, and the loss of his father. Prepare to laugh out loud and fall in love with the characters as the Greyson Gray series begins with a bang.”
Follow this up with:
Fair game Book two
Deadfall Book three

The day no one was angry
By Toon Tellegen
Illustrated by Marc Boutavant
ISBN 9781927271605
Gecko Press

5 (Medium)

This a collection of twelve short and funny tales about grumpy animals living in the forest. They have a fable-like philosophical approach in their telling and readers can’t help but laugh along at the antics of the grumpy creatures. It’s immediate appeal is its outstanding cover which just cries out to be picked up.
Follow the story of aardvark who just happens to always be standing on his head and squirrel who questions the sense in aardvark’s choice. Or there is beetle and earthworm who try to out do each other by being the angriest. Or beetle giving instructions to cricket on how to look fierce.
This is a delightful look at human nature through the eyes of some wonderful animal characters. Great stories which will be wonderful to be read aloud to young children. Older children will love reading the stories for themselves.
The illustrations have a wonderful vintage look and feel which takes me back to my own childhood. Mindful of illustrators such as Virginia Lee Burton, Bill Peet and even Richard Scarry in his Little Golden Book days, the illustrator here is in very good company and the beauty of this is that the book will appeal to many parents and grandparents as much as children of today. And just in time for Christmas this will be great in Christmas stockings.