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First, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. I hope there were one or two books in your Christmas goodies too. I also want to wish you all a great, happy and healthy 2014.

There is a wonderful new series called Through my eyes where the first two books were published this year and another two coming in 2014. They are gritty, moving novels aimed at readers perhaps aged 10 through 12 or 13. They deal with the day to day struggle of surviving in areas of conflict.

By Rosanne Hawke

“Shahana lives alone with her young brother in the shadow of the Line of Control, the border patrolled by Pakistani and Indian soldiers that divides Kashmir in two. Life is hard, but Shahana ekes out a living with her beautiful embroidery. Then she finds a boy lying unconscious near the border. Zahid is from across the Line of Control, and Shahana takes a terrible risk by sheltering him. But how can she give Zahid up to the authorities when she knows he’ll be imprisoned – or worse?”
I love the music in this trailer. It has a quiet beauty to it letting us know that this book will impact on us as readers.

by J.L. Powers

“The year is 2011, and Somalia’s civil war has been raging for two decades. Amina’s world is shattered when government forces come to arrest her artist father and rebel forces kidnap her brother. Can Amina use her own street art to provide a voice for others like herself?”

For those readers who loved the Parvana series by Deborah Ellis, I think this series will be ideal. I do urge you, especially if you are a teacher or librarian, to check out the teacher notes available on the Through my eyes website.

Hollow City
Sequel to Miss Peregrine’s peculiar children
By Ransom Riggs

So very excited about this one. This is another awesome trailer for the series. So eerie and captivating. Currently reading the first book in the series and I can’t wait for school to finish so I can get stuck in. Loving it so far and the photos add so much to the book’s atmoshpere. See previous post for the first trailer – very, very cool.
Can’t wait for the second book. Really will be a must read.

The skull in the woods
By Sandra Greaves

Yay! Another ghost story I just have to read.
I love the atmosphere and sounds of this trailer as it hooks you in just enough to make you think this could get a little scary! And who doesn’t like a good scare.

“In Old Scratch Wood on Dartmoor, quarrelling cousins Matt and Tilda find a buried skull. And from that moment black things begin to happen. Birds and animals turn bad, and there are rumours of the return of an ancient curse known as the Gabbleratchet. But what can Matt and Tilda do to stop it.” Sandra Greaves recommends this for ages 10 up.

No, this isn’t a book or a trailer but just the best feel good song to get you in to the spirit of Christmas. I keep playing this in the library while I try to stock take but I’m sort of dancing at the same time as the music is so good. (My dancing is not so good)
This is the song Little drummer boy by a group called Pentatonix who sing beautifully and they are all so young and talented.
It is amazing – you would think they have a whole band of musicians behind them but they don’t. They do it all themselves without instruments and it is brilliant. Some things are just meant to be shared.

Endless Knight
Book 2 in The Arcana Chronicles
By Kresley Cole

After The Poison Princess, Evie is now the Tarot Empress, able to control her powers. Her and Jack have been through so much and have become close but when Evie meets Death, both gorgeous and dangerous, she finds life even more difficult. But is there more to Death than the man in front of her. They share a past which Evie can’t remember – but Death – well he can’t forget. And all the time the fight for survival continues as the war gets closer and closer.

Poison Princess
Book 1
“22 Arcana cards. 22 Chosen Teens. Let the cards fall where they may”.
Evie Greene discover she has powers after her disturbing hallucinations foretold the end of the world.
After the apocalypse there are very few survivors, but among them is Jack Deveuax, both handsome and dangerous. Evie and Jack team up only to discover that they are part of an ancient prophecy that must be played out. Survival is tough but there are others out there, some with special powers but not all of them are for the good of others. Good versus evil, action, adventure, race for survival and a little romance.