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Monkey boy
By Donovan Bixley

I am excited about this book and hope it is just the first of many. This is one of those books that capture the attention of so many readers for so many different reasons. It is as the blurb says, part comic, part novel and from the looks of it all action, with full on humour as well.
Donovan Bixley is well known for some wonderful illustrations and art work and this book is no different. Dad’s will giggle too if reading this to their children. The trailer is a great introduction to this book about Jimmy Grimholt the youngest sailor aboard the warship H.M.S. Fury which is bound for bloodcurdling battle.
Do hunt out for it but be prepared for battle and even a ghost or two!

Book One in The bodyguard series
By Chris Bradford

ISBN 9780141340050

I had seen this book in the shops and was drawn to it by it’s cover and story but I put it back thinking it was just a bit too old for my students. However, it wasn’t until after well-known Christchurch reviewer Bob Docherty visited our school yesterday highlighting this as one of his best reads this year, that I am now eagerly compelled to hunt it out again. It could also be the fact that almost all the senior students came rushing into the library this morning hounding me for a copy!
This book does offer action and thrills and suspense. In fact it offers a little of everything to engage readers. The queue for this book will just have to wait as I am hanging out to be the first to read it myself and find out just how 14 year old Connor Reeves deals with being a professional bodyguard. Who would suspect a 14 year old to have the skills of surveillance and protection. Just how will he handle having to protect the President’s daughter, especially as she doesn’t even want a bodyguard.
Check out author Chris Bradford’s site about this series.

by Aaron Becker

Journey is a beautifully illustrated wordless picture book. Its wonderful sepia tones capture the heart and imagination of a young girl who is bored. No-one in her family wants to play, they are all too busy. The young girl takes a crayon and begins drawing, opening up a world of imagined places. I love how the colours start to play together as her imagination takes over.
This really is a journey into strange worlds; even a little steampunkish with airships floating across the skies. We travel along with the young girl as she takes us to faraway places and even danger. The trailer is gorgeous. There is lots to look at and lots to discuss with this book on so many levels. Any child reading, will no doubt add to the story of the little girl and her journey across the world of imagination.
I bought this for the school library but will end up getting my own copy too. It really is a book to treasure and dip into again and again.

The thickety : a path begins
By J. A. White


This is a new fantasy series just perfect for middle grade readers. The cover is eye-catching and the blurb even better.
Kara Westfall and her little brother Taff have been shunned by the people in her village for years, ever since their mother was convicted of the terrible crime of witchcraft. Magic is considered evil and criminal. The villagers live in fear of the forest covering most of the island. A dark, mysterious place they call the Thickety. It is in this forest, that they believe magic and monsters lurk.
A strange bird lures Kara into the Thickety where she discovers a book with powers of its own. It is a book she believes may once have belonged to her mother.
I love the trailer to this book and I really cannot wait for this to hit the shelves. Magic, fantasy, good and evil. What more could you want.

Book 1 Kindled
By Ginger Malacko

Nathan Christopher Coville has pretty much just died. He misses his family, especially his little brother and even his home town. Instead of Heaven, Nathan finds himself deep underground in an invisible world. A world full of guardian angels, and demons. His own mentor has deep dark secrets which create even more dangers for Nathan.
But even more dangerous is the threat to his own home town. Suddenly it is up to Nathan to be brave enough to save his home town and all the people living there.
This debut novel from Ginger Malacko is aimed at middle grade readers.
If you are wanting to read about “magical miracles and destroying demons with fireballs” then this just might be what you are looking for.
If you can’t wait until this book is available do take the opportunity to read the first page here.

The lazy friend
By Ronan Badel

ISB 9781927271414


This is truly a delightfully funny, wordless picture book. Adults will giggle as much as young readers. The saying that a picture tells a thousand words is so true for this book.
A storm blows down a tree in the jungle, but not just any tree. The tree happens to be the one sloth is hanging on to. He is just hanging upside down taking it easy. It is not long before the damaged tree, still with sloth attached, is taken away on a truck. Sloth is totally oblivious to his adventure and his dangerous predicament.
His wonderfully loyal friends are fully aware of the situation and are determined to bring him home again.
The expressions on sloth’s face are priceless especially as the dangers unfold and he remains totally unaware. Children will love the illustrations, and no doubt come up with their own wonderful versions of this story.
Beautifully produced, this book is a wee treasure for all ages. I believe that when this book is released (soon) it will be a hit.