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By Anna Walker

I love Anna Walker’s illustrations. They are soft and just have so much appeal. Her books always leave you feeling good after reading them.
Peggy is a chicken who enjoys life to the full. One day she is blown far away from her home after stormy weather. Her adventure in the big wide world and her eventual return home is just a delight to read.

This is not my hat
By Jon Klassen

Klassen delighted us all with I want my hat back and his latest book is just as good. The illustrations are quirky and the story a good moral on stealing. Great for fun reading or using in class on issues of honesty but in such a fun way.

Splat the cat says thank you
By Rob Scotton

I love all of Rob Scotton’s Splat the cat books. He is just the most gorgeous but often naive cat character. The illustrations are just wonderful, soft and cute and draw you in immediately. Not sure when this latest book will hit New Zealand shores but I can’t wait. His best friend Seymour is of all things a mouse. Not your usual friendship but they are firm, loyal friends. Great to read with really young children and even older ones. Splat is just the best.

10 out of 10 if you realised I had already posted about Circus Maximus! oops!

Anyway here is the next post!
The Paladin Prophecy
By Mark Frost

Random House Childrens Books

I am so looking forward to this book. The reviews are are all great and if you are a fan of I am number four (I certainly am) then this is also one to read. It is full of excitement and fast-paced action. It is science fiction and mythology. This really does have a bit of everything.

Will West lives life under the radar trying to keep his grades and abilities average. However, a slip up at exam time demonstrating his true abilities makes him a target by men in dark hats, driving black sedans who pose a terrifying threat to his family. Who wants him and why?

The history keepers
Circus maximus
By Damian Dibben

Random House childrens’ books

If you loved the first book then this is also sure to please. Plenty of action, plenty of racing to save the world.
Stocks of Atomium the crucial ingredient which allows them to travelthrough time are still perilously low. In this sequel the travelers go way back in time. Way, way back, but can they find their way to the present. Can they find the atomium in time?

The fight for the future
By Jeff Norton

Jonah Delacroix spends most of his life inside a global computer-based virtual world called the Metasphere. Everyone in this virtual world is represented by an avatar. It is also where Jonah discovers the avatar of his dead father and takes on his online identity which unleashes events forcing Jonah to join a secret group in the real world. A group which must do all that it can to save mankind. However there are two warring factions, the Guardians and the Millenials but which side will you choose? Fast and action-packed and great for those boys who love online games wrapped up in novel form.



On two feet and wings
By Abbas Kazerooni

Kids and war should not mix but the reality is that they do. For some children life is based on a daily struggle just to survive. If you have read any of the Parvana books by Deborah Ellis or any of Morris Gleiztman books about Felix then this is for you too. Set during the Iran-Iraq War, nine year old Abbas has to leave his family and friends to escape Tehran. War is at its worst and if he does not escape now then very soon he will be enlisted to fight. He arrives in Istanbul where struggle continues. Courage is what he needs but how will he find it when he is all alone?

Sadly, last week writer Helen Nicoll passed away at age 74. With illustrator Jan Pienkowski they created some of the most popular books for very young children. Meg, the witch tends to almost always end up in trouble along with her black cat Mog. The distinctive illustrations and the funny stories made the Meg and Mog books a huge hit.

This short clip is the first episode of the animated series based on the Meg and Mog picture books.

Such wicked intent
By Kenneth Oppel

You might recall a previous post on This dark endeavour by Kenneth Oppel which was Book one in The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein series. Book two continues with Such wicked intent.

The gothic thriller continues but this time the desire to bring back the dead leaves eveyone in great danger. When does obsession become madness? And how can Victor ignore his feelings for his twin brother’s betrothed? This is a great one to get hold of with Halloween just around the corner. Scare yourself!

Emerald Star
Book 3
By Jacqueline Wilson

I have read a number of Jacqueline Wilson books and enjoyed them. This series differs from many of the dysfunctional stories that have made her a household name. It is historical, set in Victorian England and brings in Hetty’s story with a view to the life of young girls back in the 1800’s.

Hetty Feather is brave and fiesty. She was left in a Foundling Hospital as a baby, has worked in horrible workhouses, suffered tragedy and loss and now in Emerald Star, Hetty is trying to find her father. And if she does, will it all end in tears?
Check out all three trailers and then pop in to your local library or bookstore to get a copy especailly if you are a fan of J. Wilson.

Sapphire Battersea
Book 2

Hetty Feather
Book 1

Seconds away
By Harlan Coben
Book 2 in the Mickey Bolitar series

In Shelter (book 1) 15 year old Mickey believes danger weaves its way into his life if he lets anyone near. His father has died, his mother is in rehab and his girlfriend has gone missing.
In Seconds away the action continues and so too does the belief that not everything is as it seems to be. Twists and turns, fast paced action continues. For more check out the Mickey Bolitar site.