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By R. J. Palacio

Auggie Pullman is a ten year old who was born with extreme facial abnormalities. He wasn’t expected to survive but he did. He has been home-schooled up until now where he enters fifth grade at a private middle school in Manhattan. Everyone stares, or pretends not to look but they do and all he wants is to be ordinary and fit in. He wants people to see him, see past his face to who he really is.

The fault in our stars
By John Green

This book will break your heart and yes you will want tissues. It is having huge success everywhere at the moment. Hazel has cancer and is attached to an oxygen machine. She meets handsome fellow cancer patient Augustus. Hazel can’t believe how anyone as lovely as Augustus could ever be interested in her. This book really is all everyone is talking about at the moment. Read it for yourself.

By Janet Lee Carey

Book 2 in the Wilde Island chronicles.
I love the haunting music of this trailer. This book has just hit the shops and the reviews have been very good. Heaps of people listing it in their ‘to be read’ list on Goodreads.
Wilde Island is mourning the Pendragon king. While everyone waits for the heir to return, the peaceful pact between dragons, fairies and humans is falling apart. Tess, a blacksmith’s daughter is accused of witchery and she soon finds herself on the run with two friends. She has visions of a sword-wielding man but is he good or bad and just how far can she run. The cover is cool too.

By Sarah Prineas

This fantasy adventure is due for release next month and is another book I am looking forward to reading.
Fer lives close to the Way. “The Way is a path leading to another place, where the people are governed by different rules. Magic runs through them and their land”. Fer rescues a creature – he looks just like a boy but is far more than that. He takes her through the Way and a passage to a dangerous place where she must unlock secrets and stop Winter from descending on everyone forever.

Cynthia Leitich Smith
Diabolical is the latest book to be published in the Tantalize series.
Fast-paced gothic fantasy with angels, werewolves, vampires and of course romance. This new book has such a great trailer that I am sure you will want to read the whole series. The trailers for the other three books are also below.

Tantalize Book 1

Eternal Book 2

Blessed Book 3

The field (ebook)
by Bill Nagelkerke

Achucka books
Jacinta is receiving messages from Mary. Yes! That Mary, the Mother of God!
To quote the blurb;
“How on earth do you tell your family that you’ve seen . . .
. . . Our Lady . . .
. . . The Virgin Mary . . .
. . . The Queen of Heaven . . .
. . . The Mother of God. (The Mother of GOD!)
And that she has spoken to you.
And that she is going to speak to you again.
Up in the Crow’s Nest.
And that is why you had to be there.
(And that’s why you’d wet yourself.)”

Sounds like another great read from our very own Christchurch writer, Bill Nagelkerke. It is a pleasure to be able to showcase the trailer for his latest book.

Oliver Jeffers

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I thought I would add a couple of favourite picture books by Oliver Jeffers now that the school holidays are almost over.
I love his style and simplicity. My favourites would have to be

Lost and found
This is not technically a book trailer but a trailer for an actual movie of Lost and found.
It is truly delightful. It really is gorgeous and I just had to add it here. I haven’t seen or had access to the full 24 minute movie but it has won heaps of awards and judging by these two clips. so derserves the awards.

Dinosaur mardi gras
by Diane de Las Casas

Chomp and stopm with the dinosaurs.

It’s a little book
By Lane Smith

I loved the first book and trailer for It’s a book. Now there is another version as a board book.
Really very sweet.

Splat the cat
By Rob Scotton

If you haven’t read any of the Splat the cat books you are missing out. Delightful and cheeky and great for younger readers. Great to snuggle up with a wee one and read aloud.

Soul screamers series
By Rachel Vincent
Kaylee Cavanaugh has just discovered she is a banshee. Trying to balance life is difficult enough without the uncontrollable screams she lets out when someone near her is about to die. She must also struggle to keep her own soul safe.

If I die Book 5

My soul to take Book 1
My soul to save Book 2
My soul to keep Book 3
My soul to steal Book 4

Hollow Pike
By James Dawson
Orion Publishing Group

This book is not out yet but I am already looking forward to it when it does. Lis London moves to the country hoping things will get better for her. Hoping the nightmares she has of someone trying to kill her will end. Lis doesn’t believe in local stories of witches. But then one night, in the dark woods she realises she is not alone.
Can’t wait. Love the eerie music in this trailer.

The house of dead maids
By Clare B. Dunkle

I loved this book. I absolutely love the cover. It’s a very haunting face of a young dead girl. The language is perfectly suited to the times the story takes place. Gothic type mansion, eerie comings and goings. Orphan girl Tabby is nursemaid to a young boy – wild, stroppy and nameless. There are many ghosts and many secrets. Great book. This story is suggested as a prologue to Wuthering Heights.

“Young Tabby Aykroyd has been brought to the dusty mansion of Seldom House to be nursemaid to a foundling boy. He is a savage little creature, but the Yorkshire moors harbor far worse, as Tabby soon discovers. Why do scores of dead maids and masters haunt Seldom House with a jealous devotion that extends beyond the grave?

As Tabby struggles to escape the evil forces rising out of the land, she watches her young charge choose a different path. Long before he reaches the old farmhouse of Wuthering Heights, the boy who will become Heathcliff has doomed himself and any who try to befriend him”

The haunting of Charity Delafield
By Ian Beck
Random House

Aimed at younger readers this book is quite delightful. Charity is kept at home locked away from everyone and the outside world. As her 13th birthday approaches her father threatens to send her to boarding school but after years of being kept in the dark about her past, Charity has the urge to find out more. But at what cost. A great story for primary school students.
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