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The name of the star

By Maureen Johnson

The start of Rory’s new life in London is thrown into chaos when a series of brutal murders happen. What makes the murders stand out even more is their resemblance to Jack the Ripper murders of years ago. The only witness to the possible suspect is Rory, even though her room mate was with her at the time. How can Rory be the only one to see him and just why is she his next target.


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By Martyn Bedford


Fourteen year old Alex wakes up one day inside someone else’s body. He has no idea how six months have apparently passed overnight. Hi own body lies in a coma while he is now somehow in a body of a boy called Philip or Flip for short. He also discovers that there are other people who have swapped bodies. His new body offers more opportunities that his old one but he can’t help missing it. How can he find a way back? This is a great psychological thriller.

Organ donors

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Cold hands, warm heart

By Jill Wolfson

What would you do? How do you thank someone who has lost everything. The unexpected death of 14 year old Amanda means a chance for Dani to have a new heart and a new life. This book is bound to stir up much discussion on the ethics of human donors.


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Forest of hands and teeth
By Carrie Ryan

Mary lives inside the fence surrounding her village. The Sisterhood guard the fence from the unconsecrated outside. However, when Mary joins the Sisterhood she learns about a hidden gate. Will she or won’t she go threw and just what is outside the fence. What happens when the fence is breached is chaos and a fight for survival.


Thank you Lani Wendt Young (author of  yesterday’s post book) for stopping in to visit this blog. What a lovely surprise. Check the comment to see where you can purchase her book Telesa : the covenant keeper. You can also find out more about Lani on her site.

For today though check out the trailer aimed at a younger audience of readers.

A tale dark and grimm

By Adam Gidwitz
Penguin Books

Hansel and Gretel leave their own story and into the forest of eight other fairy tales. Mischief and mayhem and a whole lot more. Fairy tales with a twist.

Mythology from Samoa

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Telesa : The covenant keeper
By Lani Wendt Young

This book looks and sounds intriguing. I think the trailer came out before the book. I am having a job trying to track down a physical copy as opposed to a digital version but the city library have it on order so hopefully it will arrive soon.
Telesa are demon women gifted with the powers of the elements. They are vengeful and cruel. When Leila arrives in Samoa, searching for a place to belong, she finds herself caught up between the sisterhood of the Telesa and the beginnings of a romance with Daniel. Mythology, romance and fantasy. Can’t wait! This is a book with a difference.

Missing persons

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By Harlen Coben
Orion Publishing Group
Harlen Coben is well known for his crime novels for adults. This is his first book for young adults and all accounts so far have been very favourable. Another one to try and read  over the summer holidays.

After the death of his father under mysterious circumstances, Mickey is forced to live with his uncle. New town, new school and a new girlfriend, not to mention new enemies. Things heat up when his girlfriend goes missing and his hunt to find her takes him on a dark trail.
Fans are eagerly awaiting book 2 and book 1 has only just been published.


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Book 1
By Catherine Fisher
Hodder Childrens Books

Incarceron is a futuristic prison. It has strange technology but medieval dungeons and chains. It is steampunk and dystopian all in one. Finn believes there must be something outside Incarceron and he even believes he was once on the outside. With the help of a crystal key which he finds, he is able to talk to Claudia, a girl on the outside. It is with her, that he plans his escape.

Book 2

Darkest powers trilogy

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Darkest powers tilogy
by Kelley Armstrong

HarperCollins Publishers

Chloe Saunders was genetically altered at birth by a group of scientists at the Edison Group. She has the ability to see ghosts, raise the dead and is becoming more powerful. She must be stopped permanently. She is now on the run with other teenagers with their own special powers. But can she trust them?

The summoning Bk 1

The awakening

The reckoning

Shadows on the moon

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Shadows on the moon
By Zoe Marriott

Suzume is a shadow weaver. She is able to recreate herself in any form. But just who is the real Suzume?
A tale of magic, love and revenge.
Walker Books

Historical novels

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Fallen Grace
By Mary Hooper

Fraud, secrets, and intrigue all set in Victorian London. Grace and her sister are orphans with nothing to their name. An awful heartbreak sends Grace on a path that changes their lives forever.

By Mary Hooper

Velvet is an orphan working as a laundress in Victorian London. That is until Madame Savoya takes her away from the harsh job. Madame Savoya is a medium but it is not long before Velvet realises things are not as they seem to be.

More humour

Posted: November 13, 2011 in Intermediate, Primary School

Gangsta Granny
By David Walliams

If you are still in the mood for some old fasioned humour then try David Walliams books.
Gangsta Granny is his latest.
The blurb describes Ben’s granny as being quite ordinary; with white hair, false teeth and even the old tissues tucked up her sleeve. She is a little different though – she is an international jewel thief. Once again Walliams delivers geat humour and a great story.

The boy in the dress is also a great read about a young boy with a fondness for dresses. In fact the magazines under his bed are not what you would normally expect.

Diary of a wimpy kid Cabin Fever is coming very soon to a store near you – actually next week – November 16. It’s the latest book in the Diary of  a wimpy kid series by Jeff Kinney. But if you are a fan you will already know that.
His books and movies are all the rage and great for a laugh. His website is also very cool.

Sherlock Holmes

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Two different takes on Sherlock Homes.
The House of Silk
By Anthony Horowitz

Fans of Horowitz’s Alex Rider series are sure to enjoy this book although aimed more at the young adult reader and adults alike. Anthony Horowitz reads from his new book in this trailer.

Young Sherlock Holmes
Death cloud
By Andrew Lane

This is where the legend begins.


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Book 1 in the new series Brotherband by John Flanagan.

If you loved the Ranger’s Apprentice series then this is one for you.

In Skandia, in order to become a warrior Hal Mikkelson must endure three months of gruelling training. He must lead a team in battles and challenges, learn weaponry, and survival but there can only be one winner.