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A monster calls

By Patrick Ness

Walker Books

ISBN 9781406311525

A monster calls remains one of my all time favourite books. It is a stunningly illustrated and beautifully written tale of the fragility of humans.

Connor knows the monster is out there and that it is coming for him. Coming for the truth!

I cried buckets when I read this book and no doubt I will take tissues with me to see the movie. I am lucky to have a hardback copy of this beautiful book and it sits on my “favourites and beautiful books” shelf.  You know, the ones you grab first if ever you had to evacuate your home. Living with earthquakes and having half our city destroyed in 2011 by a very devastating quake which took the lives of 185 people, you learn to keep things where you can reach them quickly. That’s the shelf for this book.


I hope that all involved wont mind me sharing the trailer as it needs to be spread far and wide. It really will be one movie not to be missed. (And the fact that Liam Neeson and that wonderful accent of his is involved is just another reason to see the movie when it comes out).


And I do believe in reading books first before seeing the movies so here is a trailer to the book for those who haven’t yet read it.

This is gorgeous. Mog the cat has been around for years, sharing lots of adventures with children as parents read the famous and much-loved books to children everywhere.

This advert features a new and specially written story about Mog and the lesson is all about sharing. It works beautifully. The campaign includes Sainsbury’s selling a special edition of Mog’s Christmas Calamity book and also a Mog plush toy, with all profits going to Save the Children fund. A great cause especially at Christmas time.

This is when I wished I was living in England again just so I could buy the Christmas book. Christmas in England is such a wonderful time and has a wonderful atmosphere. But never mind! I will console myself by watching this delightful advert over and over again.

The looks on Mog’s face are priceless. I love that the writer Judith Kerr makes a special appearance in this wonderful Christmas advert. Well done to all involved. A brilliant advert and a lovely message.

Who can forget Mog the forgetful cat?


Have you seen Elephant?

By David Barrow

ISBN 9781776570096

Gecko Press


Have You Seen Elephant_front cover 300dpi_gecko

“Elephant wants to play hide and seek. You can play too, but you’ll have to try your best – he’s VERY good!”

I love this. Absolutely love the humour and the illustrations are just so delightful. Elephant is certainly very good at hiding. Hiding in plain sight that is, and he does it so innocently that it just makes you smile.

I mean how can you resist this picture? Elephant is just gorgeous and they play so well together. I also love the tortoise, ironically named Zoom.

Young children will get right in to this and laugh out loud when they find elephant in his hiding places. Simply delightful. I certainly hope there will be more from David Barrow.

One of the things that make Gecko Press so special is providing teaching notes for many of their books which encourages a deeper look at the stories. The notes for Have you seen Elephant can be found here.