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Omeletta Hen

By Janelle Wilkey

Illustrated by Deborah Hinde

ISBN 9781775436393



Omeletta is a beautiful hen but she is also incredibly stubborn. Omeletta lays her eggs and leaves them all over the place.  She lays them in the garden, in a shoe and even on a bed.  Nelson is so frustrated as he can never find the eggs when he wants them. He puts a plan to work but Omeletta is having none of it. Her determination to do things her way is very strong.

A wonderfully, humorous story with delightful illustrations that make you smile. We all need to be a bit like Omeletta and learn to stand up for ourselves especially when we feel very strongly about certain things. And for Nelson, sometimes we also need to learn to compromise.


The hug blanket

By Chris Gurney

Illustrated by Lael Chisholm

ISBN 9781775436348

“It smells like sunshine.

It sounds like whispers.

It looks like rainbows…

It feels like love.”

The hug blanket is a more serious story but one sadly,  most of us can relate to. Grief and the loss of a grandparent is hard at any time but this sweet picture book is one to share together as it offers some support, knowing that you are not alone in your grief. Other children experience loss too.

A young girl and her little brother spend time at the beach with their Nana. She loves everything Nana does and cherishes their time together. They hunt for shells on the beach, bake together, and sharing the best of times. Sadly, one day dad tells her Nana has died. There was time to say goodbye. The girl misses her Nana very much and is caught up in her grief and sadness. Nana had made blankets for the family. It is this blanket that the girl cherishes as it holds all the love and memories from her Nana.

The hug blanket is an important book and beautifully done. The illustrations are warm and tender and the language makes its point without being soppy.

The Tiny Star

By Mem Fox

Illustrated by Freya Blackwood

ISBN 9780670078127

Penguin Random House

Post dedicated to my dear friend Allison

No doubt making beautiful quilts using the stars in the night sky.



Once upon a time, although this happens all the time, a tiny star fell to earth . . .  

And so begins a heart-warming story of a journey through life. The full circle is portrayed here just perfectly.

I read this beautiful picture book on the same day I got the news that a lovely friend had died. I was incredibly moved by this book and the beautiful illustrations and yes, there were tears. While I spent the day thinking about my friend, I could, as the book suggests, imagine her up in the heavens watching down on us all. Life comes and goes, memories stay and this book totally understands that idea. My friend loved children’s books and often bought them for her daughter who happens to be a teacher.  We would have discussed its beauty in depth, the story, the journey, the whole thing. She would loved this book.

Stunning. A book for everyone, especially parents for when they may need to try and explain the loss of a grandparent. While the book does deal with loss, it also offer hope.


Mem and Freya discuss this stunning picture book. 

Black heart blue
By Louisa Reid
Penguin books

Twin sisters Rebecca and Hephzibah live a mostly secluded life dominated by their abusive father and a mother who ignores the atrocities going on around her as she tries to avoid her own beatings and abuse.
One twin is beautiful and the other, terribly disfigured from Treacher Collins syndrome. Their life is dark and empty until the girls are allowed to go to the local high school. This freedom comes at a cost and Rebecca is left alone to mourne her sister’s death.
Alone, Rebecca must learn to unravel secrets and begin to stand up for herself.
This is one of those books that will leave you feeling disturbed but it is one that must be read. It is also going to go to the top of my library order books.

        Free falling

        By Nicola Moriarty

    Belinda and Andy are a young couple who have recently become engaged. They are happy and content with work, university and life.  Andy’s sudden death turns Belinda’s world upside down. His mother, Evelyn is also devastated but looking for someone to blame. In alternating chapters each woman tells their own story. Not only does this reveal insights to the two women, but also shows the passage of time and helps pace the story.

Grief makes people do strange things, like sky-jumping or shoplifting.  For Belinda and Evelyn their grief is raw and always at the surface waiting to bubble over. They haven’t seen each other since Andy’s funeral when Evelyn openly blamed Belinda for her son’s death.  Friends don’t know what to do or say and Belinda is now more alone than she has ever been before in her life. She is also convinced that her dead fiance is haunting her. Strange things are happening that leave her bewildered. How on earth does a car battery arrive from nowhere just when she needs one? Or flowers when she is feeling low. It just has to be Andy!  Her best friend, Stacey is a little obnoxious and even irritating but that adds flavour to the novel.

Free falling is not a pacy action novel but is instead a gentle story of overwhelming grief and loss. But it is much more than this. It is a story of hope.


     More details on Nicola Moriarty can be found by following the link here.


Desires of the dead (Book 2)
By Kimberly Derting

Sixteen year old Violet has a special ability. Dead bodies call out to her. They demand that she finds them. When her ability leads her to the body of a young child, the FBI take more than an interest in her. Soon she gets threatening letters and the only help, may just be from the FBI.

The body finder
Book One

Viloet has always known she has an ability to sense dead bodies. In her town, a serial killer is on the loose and the only one who might be able to stop him is Viloet and her best friend Jay. But Violet’s feelings for Jay are changing and hopefully, so are his. Can she stop the killer before she becomes the next victim on his list.

The Book Thief

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The book thief
By Markus Zusak
Loved this book. Borrowed a copy and then went out and bought my own. Hoping to read it again sometime soon.