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The madman’s daughter
By Megan Shepherd

This debut novel was inspired by H. G. Well’s book The island of Dr Moreau

“In the darkest places, even love is deadly”.
Juliet Moreau is 16 and has built a new life for herself in London, working as a maid, going to church and trying to forget the scandal that ruined her life. The scandal was all about her father although no one ever proved the rumors about his gruesome experiments. She soon discovers that he is alive and still working on a remote tropical island. Juliet decides to find out if the accusations are true.
Along the way we meet Montgomery, her father’s handsome young assistant. We also meet the castaway, Edward and of course she is deeply drawn to both of them. On the island she discover the depths of her father’s madness. Horror, scientific curiosity and dangerous creatures it isn’t long before Juliet knows she has to put an end to her father’s experiments and escape before it is too late. Does madness travel in the genes?
This sounds so cool I have ordered it from the library but I may just have to find it in a shop before then as I can’t wait.