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By Elizabeth Pulford

Walker Books Australia

Zara lies in a coma, critically injured after a motorbike accident. She is caught in a subconscious world fighting for survival and fighting to unlock secrets which may be her only way to survive. It is so good to see a trailer for a New Zealand author and I do like Elizabeth Pulford’s work. I am so looking forward to reading this one.

This is the sequel to Hereafter (trailer below)where Amelia is still stranded and caught in the in-between. Caught between living and dead and fighting for her love of Joshua. In New Orleans, searching for answers, Amelia meets other spirits also caught in the in-between and they tempt her to join them. But what of her love for Joshua and even more dangerous, what of the evil spirits who may just ending up taking any choice away.

Amelia has been stranded in an everlasting nightmare, stuck for years in the in-between where no-one knows of her existence. No-one that is until the day Joshua falls in to the water almost drowning and she rescues him. Can he help her?

Black heart blue
By Louisa Reid
Penguin books

Twin sisters Rebecca and Hephzibah live a mostly secluded life dominated by their abusive father and a mother who ignores the atrocities going on around her as she tries to avoid her own beatings and abuse.
One twin is beautiful and the other, terribly disfigured from Treacher Collins syndrome. Their life is dark and empty until the girls are allowed to go to the local high school. This freedom comes at a cost and Rebecca is left alone to mourne her sister’s death.
Alone, Rebecca must learn to unravel secrets and begin to stand up for herself.
This is one of those books that will leave you feeling disturbed but it is one that must be read. It is also going to go to the top of my library order books.

The telling
by Leah Giarratano

This is book one of a new series which sounds very intriguing.
It has everything. A pyschopath, an empath and a genius – all siblings who have yet to meet and yet to discover their traits.
Throw in a bit of voodoo, daemons, and a witch and you have a thrilling fantasy mix.

Will they create harmony or will they destroy the world and just who is after their combined power?

Dead time
The murder notebooks
By Anne Cassidy

Rose Smith and Joshua Johnson spent three years living together as a family when their parents became involved with each other. One night the parents go out for tea but never return. Josh is sent to live with an uncle in Newcastle and Rose ends up living with her grandmother in London. They meet up again five years later. Josh is bent on finding their parents. Meanwhile, Rose is witness to the murder of a fellow school student. Days later, the boy’s girlfriend is also mysteriously murdered.
Murder, mystery and a bit of a thriller all mixed in make this a another to add to my long list of must reads.
Read more about this murder series on Anne Cassidy’s site.

The White cat
Book 1

Cassel’s family are criminals. They are curse workers and have the power through the touch of their hands to change your emotions, your memories, or your luck. But curse work has been illegal since magic was prohibited in 1929 which makes them criminals and con artists. Cassel hasn’t got the magic touch and because of this, his brothers detest him. Cassel starts sleepwalking and having terrifying dreams about a white cat that appears to be trying to tell him something.
However there is a secret at the centre of Cassel’s family and he’s about to inherit it. The truth of this secret is terrifying. And what of the truth about the friend he killed.
This has been around for a few years but now that both book two and three are out it is timely to look at the first book in Holly Black’s fantasy series,

The red glove (book 2)
Black heart (book 3)

The sequel to Starcrossed
By Josephine Angelini

Starcrossed lovers and modern-day demigods. What more could you want?
Helen is in the underworld sent to kill the Furies. She must endure hellish torture while having no idea how to complete her task. Helen and Lucas must come to terms with the fact that they cannot be together. In an attempt to help Helen complete her task without distractions, Lucas tells her he doesn’t want to see her again and that he never loved her. Helen carries on with her mission even though she is heartbroken but in the shadowy underworld, she meets Orion who is descended from Adonis. He has the power to control desire and he is the heir to the house of Rome and an outcast. Has Helen found an ally in hell.


Helen Hamilton thinks Lucas Delos is the most ridiculously beautiful boy she has seen in her lifebut for some reason she also wants to kill him with her bare hands. There is an ancient curse making them loathe each another but sometimes love is stronger than hate.

After the snow
by S. D. Crockett

While out hunting one day, Willo’s family are taken away in trucks by the government. He is left alone in the snow but is determined to find and rescue his family. He heads across the mountains to find someone who can tell him where to find his family. On the way across he finds Mary, a refugee from the city. He doesn’t have enough supplies for two but he can’t leave her in the snow to die alone. So they struggle for survival in a cold, bitter and treacherous new ice-age. And what of his family, where are they and how can he save them? He has only the dog spirit inside his head to guide him.