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Under the never sky
By Veronica Rossi

It is a post apocalyptic world where those safe on the inside, fear the savages on the outside. Aria is exiled from the safety of the enclosed city of Reverie. Once, she was safe but now in the outer wastelands, known as the Death Shop, she is in danger. Struggling to survive, her only hope may be the very savages she fears the most.

By Jennifer Bosworth
This trailer is brilliant. Movie quality at its best.
To be honest, the trailer kind of freaked me out. Big time! Living in Christchurch, New Zealand, where we have been subjected to thousands of earthquakes, where we have witnessed the deaths of almost 200 people, and the devastation of our lovely city, the earthquake scenes in this trailer truly freaked me out. Very real! Too real in fact!
Mia Price is a lightening addict. Bizarre, yes but intriguing. Cults and doomsady prophecies. So much in this book.
However, I am waiting like so many others for the book’s release in May. Hurry up May!

The future of us

By Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler
Simon and Schuster

An easy, pacey story set in 1996. Facebook is far more revealing than you can imagine.
Check out the full review for this topical book on this site.
Love the old dial-up tone at the beginning of the trailer!

By Michelle Harrison
Simon and Schuster UK 2012

The cover alone is enough to make me want to read this book. It sounds so intriguing.

Elliot is 17 and has hardly slept in the six months since he had an accident which nearly killed him.
Some nights he wakes up unable to move at all. Suffering from paralysis he is forced to watch ghostly figures move around him. Other nights he has out-of-body experiences where he is moving around while his body sleeps on the bed. He believes this connects him to the spirit world so he eventually finds a job working in one of England’s most haunted places. It is there that he discovers Sebastian, the ghost of a servant boy hanged many years ago for stealing bread. But Sebastion is dangerous. As Elliot leaves his body, Sebastion begins to occupy it and the more he takes over his body, the more resistant Sebastion is to give it back. Sebastion also has an unhealthy interest in Ophelia, the new girl in Elliot’s life. This will be another must read and I have just ordered it at the library.

Dark Eden series
By Patrick Carman
Fear is the cure

Enter Dark Eden if you dare!
Will Besting has phobias so severe he is sent to Fort Eden, an institution which is meant to cure him. There he meets six other teens connected by their fears. However, their phobias are not the only thing to be afraid of. Just what happens in the fear chambers and why are they suffering bruises and aches and pains. Will makes a break for it and while hiding begins to realise that things are seriously wrong but now he is being hunted. A psychological thriller.

Read the books, download the Apps.

The Magnificent 12

By Michael Grant

The call  (Book 1 2010)

“When the Pale Queen rises,
one hero won’t be enough to
stop her. It will take twelve.
But not just any twelve:

The magnificent 12.”
 Mack MacAvoy is the first of the 12 and he must find the rest if he is to defeat evil. He must  fight deadly elves, an evil princess and so much more. An adventure topped up with heaps of humour.

Great for ages 9 and up. Check out the Magnificent 12 site for more fun.
Not that new but worth taking a look and checking out the book from you library

Body blow
By Peter Cocks.
Walker Books UK April 2012

Eddie Savage is 18 and on the run. Having been shot and left for dead by London’s largest crime family Eddie survives but must hide. Sun, sea and girls, that’s the way he sees it in his new hiding place in Spain. But Spain has its own turf wars. You can run but you can’t hide. This sounds a great one for the guys but thrillers really are for everyone.

Long Reach
By Peter Cocks

This is the first book in the Eddie Savage series. The criminal underwold is a vicious place to be and an even more dangerous place to leave. This first book is set in the ganglands of South London where Eddie is working undercover in order to find the truth about his older brother. Action and danger everywhere. How far will the Kelly gang go?

This trailer gave me a fright. I love the series although I still have more to read but Joseph Delaney sure knows how to write.
From his first book in the Spooks Series, Thomas Ward was the last hope for the county to keep evil away. The Spook must train Thomas but there are many evil beings in the way.

I am Grimalkin is the ninth book in the Spook’s Stories series. Grimalkin is a witch assassin who has teamed up with the Spook and Thomas but she has her own agenda. She seeks revenge and that makes her dangerous.

Start at the beginning and begin reading The Spook’s Stories.

The Spook’s apprentice Book 1
Random House
Check out his website for more fun and info.

Night school
By C. J. Daugherty
Atom Books

I was recently given this book by a friend (thanks, Zac) and it is by my bed waiting to be read. Mind you that pile is almost as tall as me but I’m on holiday for a week at Easter so I hope to get stuck in and shrink the pile a little.
I’m intrigued that this book has twists that offer something different. After Allie Sheridan is arrested yet again, her despairing parents send her off the mysterious Cimmeria Academy. It doesn’t take long before Allie begins to suspect something is not quite right. Mystery, suspense and a little romance just for good luck.

By Michael Grant

This is the latest book (No 5) in the Gone series. It is a year since all the adults disappeared. Survival is still all there is! Now, the sun has been blotted out and gloom pervades Perdido Beach. Their greatest enemy now – is the darkness of their own minds and what it will drive them to do.

In Gone (book No 1) all the adults – well anyone over 15 has just disappeared. Gone! It is either kill or be killed but how can you fight when some people suddenly have strange powers.

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

Yey! Went shopping today!
By Michael Grant
“the ultimate battle is for sanity. Losing is not an option when a world of madness is at stake”
“Freedom or slavery? Death or madness?” Having heard so much about this book I just couldn’t resist buying it. Thank goodness for gift vouchers!

I also bought another much anticpated and just published book today.

A confusion of princes
By Garth Nix

I just have to quote directly from the blurb.
“I have died three times and three times been reborn though I am not yet twenty in the old earth years by which it is still the fashion to measure time. This is the story of my three deaths, and my life between. My name is Khemri”.
How can you not be intrigued by this passage? Below are the two quick trailers on this book.