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Claudia Gray has been churning out great books for the last few years and she isn’t slowing down. Her latest in the Evernight Academy series is Balthazar.

For centuries, the vampire Balthazar has spent his years, alone and unloved. He agrees to help Skye, a human with secrets, that will put them both in danger. But is he also in danger of falling in love?

Eighteen year old Tess is a maid working for a wealthy family who are now travelling on the HMS Titanic.
On board the Titanic she meets Alec, an upper-class passenger and soon falls in love. They each have their own secrets and must fight the force which is trying to tear them apart.
Very fitting seeing as the Titanic went down 100 years ago on the 14 April 1912.

Slide by Jill Hathaway
Harperteen 2012
Just published and talk of the town.
Vee is a narcoleptic, but is it really narcolepsy or does she have a special gift? When Vee passes out during a narcoleptic event she slides at random into the heads of other people. This time she wakes up standing over the body of a cheerleader. While others think the cheerleader’s death is a suicide, Vee knows differently. She knows, becasue she was inside the head of the killer. Soon another cheerleader is killed and everyone is a suspect.

This is the three little pigs as you have never seen them before. This is for all ages and would be great for discussion if you are in a secondary school or even younger children to encourage serious thought. Journalism and storytelling take on a whole new meaning with the Guardian’s recent advert.
This is brilliant. We all interpret story with our own prior knowledge and this is one out of the box to truly have us thinking.
I love the way they have incorporated modern technology eg, Twitter, Facebook.

Grandpa Green
By Lane Smith

This is a gentle book about memory, aging and the love of family. Great grandpa has created a wonderful garden where his memories are kept alive in the shapes carved out in his topiary trees. Each tree symbolises some aspect of his past and becomes part of the legacy he will leave behind. The artwork is beautiful but understated. This truly is a lovely book to read with young ones.

Press here
By Herve Tullet

This book is just a delight. It is very funny and very clever. The reader is required to press buttons on the page, once done, upon turning the page are met with suprise and wonder at what they have suddenly changed or created. Having read it with classes of five year olds – they truly believe the book is magic. And why wouldn’t you? When read to classes of ten year olds they just delight in the humour and laugh all the way through. This is a great book just for fun but would be great for helping with instructional writing. It really is one out of the box!

Callie is 16 and on the run with her younger brother after their parents die from the ‘genocide spore’.
There is a choice for young people to rent out their bodies to Enders, the elderly people in society who simply want to be young again.
What will this decision cost Callie when she discovers her renter has murder on her mind.

This trailer is intriguing. Lots of philosophical thinking if you wanted to dig deeper. Can’t wait!

‘The Final Hour’ by Andrew Klavan, Homelanders Series #4
If you loved the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz or the Cherub series by Robert Muchamore then this is a great series just for you.
Charlie West is a hard working student and the prettiest girl in his class has just given him her phone number. After graduation he wants to join the air force. He is good guy who suddenly wakes up strapped to a steel chair, and someone has ordered his death. Charlie can’t remember a thing about how he got there. He can’t remember the whole previous year or how he came to be convicted of murdering his best friend and working with terrorists. He is on the run in a search for the truth and for his very own survival. Grab the first one and you will want to keep reading the rest.

The last thing I remember #1
The long way home #2
The truth of the matter #3
The final hour #4

By Sara Wilson Etienne

Sixteen-year-old Faye arrives at Holbrook Academy, a place for those considered troubled, delinquent or crazy. After years of strange visions and nightmares Faye finds comfort in the bones of dead animals which only fuels her belief that she is indeed crazy.
Faye also begins to find comfort in a handsome guy named Kel but soon begins to wonder if she can trust him or if he is just out to kill her. There is also the question of why her friends are waking up on their dorm floors with their hands stained red. An exciting new psychological thriller just published.

Judith and her father live in a house full of dusty old relics. She is bullied at school and generally has a tough time. However, she is creative, making a model of the Promised Land out of bits and pieces. She calls her creation The land of decoration. Somehow, what she begins to create becomes real. The snow made out of shaving foam becomes real snow the next morning. A miracle perhaps! This is just out out and the trailer has me hooked me already. Definitely another one for the pile by my bed. Soon the pile will be taller than me but this one will be at the top.

By Ursula Poznanski

The cover alone on this book is enough to make you just want to dip right in and start reading. The real world and the virtual world are about to collide for Nick when he is given a computer game called Erebos. As he plays he is asked to play out his game for real. He loses friends and all sense of right and wrong. The game is manipulating him and he is losing control just to try and be the winner. How far will he go? Enter Erebos if you dare.
Really can’t wait to read this one. I suspect many of the boys will want to read this one too.

The witch hunter chronicles
by Stuart Daly
The Scourge of Jericho (Book 1)

It’s 1666 and evil is everywhere. Sixteen-year-old Jakob von Drachenfels never knew his father but wants so much to be like him that he falsifies a letter to join the Hexenj ger – an elite military order of witch hunters. Once accepted, his mission turns into a desperate struggle for survival. Jakob must hunt for witches, fight the enemy and slay demons just to stay alive.

The army of the undead (Book 2)

Jakob continues to fight in the Hexenj ger but this time failure could mean Armageddon. Jakob’s team must race against a group of fallen angels in a search for the Tablet of Breaking. In the wrong hands it will mean the end of the world.

The devil’s fire
(not published until mid 2012)

        Free falling

        By Nicola Moriarty

    Belinda and Andy are a young couple who have recently become engaged. They are happy and content with work, university and life.  Andy’s sudden death turns Belinda’s world upside down. His mother, Evelyn is also devastated but looking for someone to blame. In alternating chapters each woman tells their own story. Not only does this reveal insights to the two women, but also shows the passage of time and helps pace the story.

Grief makes people do strange things, like sky-jumping or shoplifting.  For Belinda and Evelyn their grief is raw and always at the surface waiting to bubble over. They haven’t seen each other since Andy’s funeral when Evelyn openly blamed Belinda for her son’s death.  Friends don’t know what to do or say and Belinda is now more alone than she has ever been before in her life. She is also convinced that her dead fiance is haunting her. Strange things are happening that leave her bewildered. How on earth does a car battery arrive from nowhere just when she needs one? Or flowers when she is feeling low. It just has to be Andy!  Her best friend, Stacey is a little obnoxious and even irritating but that adds flavour to the novel.

Free falling is not a pacy action novel but is instead a gentle story of overwhelming grief and loss. But it is much more than this. It is a story of hope.


     More details on Nicola Moriarty can be found by following the link here.