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I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, wherever you are.
I wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year. For those of us in Christchurch, I hope the horrible and very scary aftershocks stop happening soon. I also hope your homes and families are safe. These are awful days but kia kaha and happy new year.

By Marie Lu

It is the year 2130, June is a 15 year old prodigy born for success in milatary circles. Day is a 15 year old fugitive, the prime suspect for the murder of June’s brother. It is a time of war and survival. When June and Day’s paths cross, life changes forever.
I have so many good books to read that the pile just keeps growing and growing. So does my reserve list at the library. Another one to add to the list.

A witch in winter
by Ruth Warburton

Hodder Childrens Books

Anna doesn’t believe in magic or witches. That is until she moves to a new town and discovers that she is indeed a witch herself. And what about Seth – is love real when you have cast an enchantment spell?
Romance and witchcraft and witch clans fighting each other. Sure to be a good read and look forward to seeing this come out next month.

by Brodi Ashton
Simon and schuster

This book isn’t out yet but do watch out for it early next year. Much like Persephone of the old myths this book has all the intrigue of the underworld, known here, as Everneath. Nikki was lured into Everneath by the handsome Cole but she has now returned to her normal life. She has six months before the immortals come to take her back to the underwold, a place where they feed on the emotions of humans. Cole has followed her and will stop at nothing to take her back and make her his queen. But then what about Jack, what about living in the real world. This is book one in a trilogy.

Another book based loosely on Persephone;
By Meg Cabot
Macmillan childrens books

Pierce died, flatlined for some time but came back to life. While she was in that place in between life and death she met John. It is up to him to take people from one world to the next. It is not the place to fall for someone yet Pierce finds herself doing just that. It is once she is back at school that things really begin to happen and danger is all around. Book one in a trilogy.

This dark endeavour
The apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein
By Kenneth Oppel

Simon & Schuster 2011

Victor and Konrad are twin borthers but Konrad is dying. Victor will stop at nothing to find the ingredients to create Elixir of Life and keep Konrad alive. His enlisits the help of his best friend Henry and his beautiful cousin, Elizabeth but their search is dangerous. This is a prequel to the famous book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. This is another book on my library order and I can’t wait.


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Dark inside

By Jeyn Roberts

To be honest – this trailer is on the creepy side but I do want to read it.  Who doesn’t like a good scare now and then? Mind you having lived through the devastating earthquakes here in Christchurch, New Zealand, over the last year and a bit and coping with the damage and ongoing destruction to my beautiful city, I am not sure if I want to read it right at this moment. In the story, there are huge earthquakes all over the world. It is after the earthquakes that strange things begin to happen and the story really takes place. Inner rage has been released and some people fight it but others can’t and life becomes a battle for survival. It does sound good but I will wait awhile. Do feel free to let me know what you think if you have already read this book.

Trylle trilogy

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By Amanda Hocking


If you are over vampires and werewolves you might want to try this new, soon to be released book about trolls. Well, changelings or trylle to more exact.
Wendy’s life is about to change forever as she discovers things are not as they appear to be.
Check out the review in the review pages.

The Prince of Mist
By Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Orion UK
Text Publishing Australia

Max and his family move to an old house by the sea. It is an old house that just may be haunted. Befriended by a boy named Roland he takes them to an underwater shipwreck and their troubles only get worse. A mix of good versus evil, mystery and suspense and supernatural thriller. And just who or what is the sinister clown lurking around?