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What’s left of me
By Kat Zhang
Hybrid Chronicles Book 1

This sounds so intriguing I have just placed a hold for a library copy but may have to wait as all copies are out. Rats!
It is a time when children are born with two souls. One of the souls is dominant, and the other is recessive. After a few years of the child’s life, the recessive soul is supposed to fade away (settle) leaving behind the dominant soul. If that doesn’t happen then the child is known as a hybrid. Eva and Addie have known each other always, two souls sharing the same body. Starting out just like everyone else, taking turns to learn to walk and talk but they did not settle. Doctors thought Addie was healthy and declared Eva gone. But, she wasn’t . . . Hybrids are hated and feared and the governement hunts them down.
Eva clings to the remnants of her life and the only one who knows she’s still there, trapped inside their body is Addie. But how can she help her Can’t wait!