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By Annabel Pitcher

I loved Annabel Pitcher’s heart wrenching book My sister lives on the mantelpiece which I read last year.
It was a moving and emotional story of loss and grief and the power it has to destroy families. I am looking forward to this new book very much. I admit my copy has been sitting by my bed for awhile waiting for just the right moment to read it. Pitcher is one of those authors where you want to savour the taste of the story and words. This trailer has just been released so I think it might be time to get stuck in now and read it.

Zoe has a secret. A secret so bad that she is desperate to share it to ease her guilt but can’t bare to tell family or friends. Instead she chooses a criminal on Death Row. Stuart Harris is a stranger and it is to him that Zoe pours out her heart and her guilt.
If you want to read an interview with the author about her latest book then pop on over to Zac’s blog at bestfriendsrbooks. You will also see his review of this book too so do take a look.