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Don’t blink
Written and illustrated by Tom Booth
ISBN 9781250117366
Feiwel & Friends

Some books you just fall in love with. This is one those books. Beautifully illustrated with a delightful young girl centre stage surrounded by a menagerie of equally delightful animal friends. They join together to play a blinking game almost all of us have played at some stage in our lives. Not only do they challenge each other to stare as long as possible without blinking, but they challenge the reader to join in. It is a lovely picture book with a wonderful feel-good quality that makes me smile every time I read it. While it may be aimed at younger readers, adults reading this to children will also be drawn to its sweetness and challenges.
Think you can win a staring contest against an elephant? What about a gorilla, a cheetah, a fox, or an alligator? What about all them―AND a bunch of their other animal friends―at the same time? You’re about to find out!
Whatever you do DON’T BLINK!
There are some fun activities to download on the author/illustrator’s website too, including masks, and spot the difference pages. Love, love, love this book.



The blue hour

By Isabelle Simler

ISBN 9780802854889

Eerdmans Books for Young Readers

I have to say, I think this picture book is beautiful. The illustrations and its many multitudes of blues is simply stunning. The story of twilight with many different birds and animals coming out from their hiding places is gentle, peaceful with a sense of magic and awe. The first end pages show 32 dabs of blue, much like paint test pots showing the many different blues used throughout the book. It is not often we see a picture book using mostly one colour, but here the different intensities of blue help create a wonderful mysterious world. Beautiful! I feel as if I am standing on the edge, looking in and watching a secret world unfold before my eyes.

The sun has set, the day has ended, but the night hasn’t quite arrived yet. This magical twilight is known as the blue hour. Everything in nature—sky, water, flowers, birds, foxes—comes together in a symphony of blue to celebrate the merging of night and day.

The book trailer is just lovely and the music very tranquil. Very soothing.


By Aaron Becker

ISBN 9781406368437


So excited about this upcoming book. Not out until August but I am already hanging out for this book now. I love the first two books and have no doubt I will fall in love with the third book in this trilogy of wonderful wordless picture books. Despite having no words these stories say so much. The use of sepia tones to start at the very beginning in Journey through to the red and bright colours so symbolic of so many things. Imagination is such an important part of these books and the best thing is that imagination feeds upon itself and by the time you finish reading these books you have experienced an amazing journey. You have found new friends to travel with and experience adventure and fun.

Gorgeously illustrated and thought-provoking these books are a delight to read over and over again. Lots of sophisticated thinking happens when using these in class as teachers at my school of employment, tell me. While you are waiting for Return to be published do make sure you find copies of Journey and Quest if you haven’t read them already. This very cool book trailer is copyright of the publishers, of course. Walker Books and Candlewick Press.

Nibbles: The book monster

Bu Emma Yarlett

ISBN 9781848691933

Little Tiger UK



It doesn’t matter how old you are, a good picture book is not just for young children.  A good picture book is worth reading at any age and Nibbles: The book monster is one such book.  Brightly coloured, full page illustrations are one of the first things you notice, but the second, is the cheeky smile of the very naughty book monster.  Despite being naughty and gate-crashing his way into traditional fairy tales you just can’t help but like him. The ending is particularly funny and children will love it.

There are peep holes to peek through, and  stories within stories to unfold. Nibbles has escaped from his cage and is on the run. The story really needs the reader to help put him back in the cage where he belongs.  I bought this delightful book for the school library and can’t wait to share it with the children. It is also great for teachers wanting to look at fractured fairy tales.



This is a cute trailer for Stay where you are and then leave as reviewed in the previous post. It came out after my post but I’m adding it anyway as the book really is worth reading especially if you are a John Boyne fan – and even if you aren’t. You soon will be after reading his latest novel for children.

Welcome back and best wishes for 2013.

Circle of secrets
By Kimberely Griffiths

I found this little gem which had escaped me but it is never too late to share good books no matter when they were published. All copies throughout the city libraries are in use so I have to wait my turn but the reviews have me hanging out for this book. The trailer is lovely and just adds to my need to read or buy this book.

When Shelby was ten her mother walked out. Never wanting to talk to her again she is suddenly forced to live with her mother in the Louisiana Bayou when her father has to go overseas.
Shelby is bullied and teased at her school but finally finds a new friend, Gwen a rather mysterious girl living alone on the bayou. There are puzzling messages in the blue bottle tree behind her house. Who is leaving the messages and just who really is Gwen?
:ife on the Bayou is so different to life here in New Zealand and that is reason enough to read these two books.

The healing spell
Another story by Kimberley Griffiths Little set in the Bayou

Twelve-year-old Livie has a secret and it is eating her up inside.
Knowing it is her fault her mother is in a coma, Livie knows also that she must find a way to awaken her mother.
Livie struggles also, to find her own place in her family but it is hard with three sisters and so much guilt.