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Louisiana’s way home

By Kate DiCamillo

ISBN 9781406385588

Walker Books


In this world there are the rescuers and the rescued. I have always fallen into the second category.













Two covers for this heartbreaking yet heartwarming story about Louisiana Elefante who is suddenly uprooted in the middle of the night by her Granny. They leave everything behind, even her cat Archie. No time either, to say goodbye to her best friends, Raymie Nightingale and Beverly Tapinski. Which is your favourite cover?

Set in the 1970’s where life was simpler than today and told in the first-person point of view, we see everything from Louisiana’s understanding. We feel her frustration at being forced to travel with her eccentric granny who tells her they have to flee an ancient curse. The journey ends in heartache for Louisiana and she is left to deal with issues way beyond what is expected of a 12 year old. Home for Louisiana is where her friends are but sometimes in life, we learn that home is where you make it.

There is humour, especially with Granny and her teeth. I adore how confident Louisiana is when she takes control of driving the car while her Granny moans in pain from toothache, in the backseat. However, her confidence is driven by fear for her Granny’s situation, which she declares is “dire”.

Louisiana is both strong yet vulnerable. Cynical and untrusting, determined and brave. It is much credit to an author that leaves you worrying or thinking about a character long after you have finished a book. I know in my heart Louisiana will be happy but I would love to give her a hug of reassurance that she knows she is loved and wanted.

I am looking forward to the next novel where Beverly Tapinski will tell her story and I hope there is a big reunion for these three best friends.


Flora and Ulysses
By Kate DiCamillo

“It begins, as the best superhero stories do, with a tragic accident that has unexpected consequences”.
I was lucky to see an advanced reading copy of Flora and Ulysses and began reading immediately. The illustrations are full of humour and character. However, someone else grabbed the book before I got very far but that is okay. I will buy it when it hits the shelves as everyone should have their own Kate DiCamillo collection.
Flora Belle Buckman (what a brilliant name – I love the way it rolls around your tongue) is the only one with the knowledge to save a squirrel from certain death after he is sucked up a vacuum cleaner. His name is Ulysses and together they learn so much about life and friendship.
This differs a little in style to Kate’s other works. This is a novel interspersed with comic-style graphic sequences and full-page illustrations artist K. G. Campbell.

Kate DiCamillo is a stunning writer. Her stories move along effortlessly and we find ourselves taken on a journey with her characters.
I loved The tale of Despereaux, and The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. Both books won awards and deservedly so. They are also great read-alouds for a classroom setting of children aged seven up.