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Just Because

By Mac Barnett

Illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault

ISBN 9781406388763

Walker Books

Just Because is one of those special books for curious minds. Children love a good story at bedtime and even more than that, they love prolonging the final lights-out before sleep. The young girl in this book keeps asking her father questions and he gives her the most wonderful answers.  Are they the right answers? You will have to find out for yourself, but they will make you think, and smile. 

She asks “Why is the ocean blue?” 

He answers “Every night, when you go to sleep, the fish take out guitars. They sing sad songs and cry blue tears.”

Great imagination and a beautiful moment for dad and daughter to share.

The illustrations reflect the night until the last double page spread where her dreams and imagination take over while she sleeps and they become alive with colour.

What I think makes this book extra special, is that while it is a lovely picture book to snuggle up and share with a young child at bedtime, it is also a good book to use in class and get students writing. I can see them asking all sorts of questions and coming up with unusual and imaginative answers. They could create their own drawings to accompany their questions too. I have this book in my school library and I will be sharing it with every teacher.

I love this book, just because!

Tickle my ears

By Jörg Muhle

ISBN 9781776570768

Gecko Press

(Available  May 2016)



“It’s getting late and Little Rabbit must go to bed. Can you help him?”

This is an adorable board book all about a Little Rabbit with rosy cheeks. While great to read anytime, it will become a bedtime favourite as the littlest of children snuggle up and follow requests to help Little Rabbit get ready for bed.

There will be tapping on the shoulders, tickling of the ears and tucking Little Rabbit into bed.  My guess is that when it comes to kissing Little Rabbit goodnight  the pages of this book will be slobbered over with real kisses. The sweetest of illustrations add to this story making it a perfect read for wee ones.