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The Invincibles. Power Up

By Peter Millett

Illustrations by Myles Lawford

ISBN 9781775435990

Scholastic NZ



This is the first book in a new series by Peter Millett. The appeal is for those who enjoy a bit of humour, sports, teamwork, and superpowers, all amongst a bit of mystery.

We meet a group of friends on a rugby field when they are all zapped by lightning. This bizarre event has the strangest of consequences when they discover they all suddenly have superpowers. Each has their own power but there are time restrictions on their power and that puts pressure on them all to save the day. In this case, they need to save the All Greats rugby team before it is too late.

The book is easy to read with short chapters, decent size font, and illustrations. There are bonus collector cards at the back of the book which add to the overall appeal.

Check out the book trailer and see for yourself.


The wig in the window

By Kristen Kittscher
ISBN 9780062110503

This is a delightful trailer with a great mix of colours, silhouettes and dialogue. It is perfectly pitched at middle grade readers. The wig in the window is the first book in a new mystery series.
Sophie Young and Grace Yang play a game spying on their neighbours. But one night they witness something terrifying and bloody at the home of their school counselor Dr. Charlotte Agford. Or did they? What really happened and why is Dr. Agford acting even weirder than usual? All manner of mysterious things are happening and although the girls are determined to find out what is going on, their friendship is beginning to suffer. One of the book’s strengths from the reviews I have read is the humour and authentic quibbling between the girls. I will be watching out for this one.