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All our yesterdays
By Cristin Terrill

My lovely son gave me a book voucher for my recent birthday and it has been wonderful being able to buy new books as soon as they hit the shelves (and not feel guilty for doing so). The latest is All our yesterdays which I started reading in the shop and just had to have.

Marina was safe, privileged and falling for James but that was yesterday.
Today Em is stuck in a bare cell with no way out and no comforts. In the cell next to hers is a boy. He may be her only hope as she remembers who she used to be. There’s a drain in the floor which holds the key and the notes she wrote to herself in the past. I love the description of how she unscrews the bolts of the drain. Writing which is vivid and real.
Tomorrow Em must somehow escape and travel back in time. She needs to kill the boy Marina loved. It is the only way to save her future.
I am looking forward to finding time to read this book all the way through. Roll on the weekend.

W.A.R.P. Book 1
The reluctant assassin
By Eoin Colfer

“It all began with the F.B.I and W.A.R.P (Witness Anonymous Relocation Programme) Hiding witnessess in the past to protect the future – until now…”

What a cool concept. Riley is from Victorian London apprenticed to the assassin, Albert Garrick
A wormhole monitored by the FBI provides an escape route for their latest victim but also for Riley and they end up in the 21st century in present-day London.
But Garrick is not far behind.
Enter Chevie Savano, the FBI’s youngest and most impulsive special agent. The chase begins but just who is chasing who and can Riley and Chevie stop Garrick from returning to the past with the knowledge and power and therefore the ability to change the world forever.
I have this book in front of me have been distracted from writing this post as I just want to get stuck in. The title of chapter one is “The killing chamber” so you know you just want to find a good place to curl up and start reading. Do look for it in your library or local bookshop. It is out there waiting for you!

The history keepers
Circus maximus
By Damian Dibben

Random House childrens’ books

If you loved the first book then this is also sure to please. Plenty of action, plenty of racing to save the world.
Stocks of Atomium the crucial ingredient which allows them to travelthrough time are still perilously low. In this sequel the travelers go way back in time. Way, way back, but can they find their way to the present. Can they find the atomium in time?

If you enjoyed The History Keepers Book 1 The storm begins then you will love this sequel.

History Keepers
Circus Maximus
By Damian Dibben

The drama and adventure continues. Jake’s parents are still missing somewhere in time and it is up to him to find them but Atomium; the crucial ingredient which allows them to travel through time is running out. Will Jake find his parents in time?

” In this exciting sequel, the History Keepers embark upon another roller coaster adventure that takes us into the heart of the ancient world, from the doors to Hades, to the streets of Rome at the height of its glorious empire. You think the chariot race in “Ben Hur” is exciting? Wait till you see the History Keepers racing round Rome…”

If you enjoyed the thrill of the chase in the 39 Clues Series then you are sure to enjoy this great new Infinity Ring series.
A mutiny in time
By James Dashner

Book One is out now.
“Fix the past. Save the future.”

Dak and Sera are best friends living in an America which is controlled by the SQ. An ancient conflict between the SQ and historians leads to the friends travelling back in time to fix the breaks in history.
Alongside their new friend Riq, an Historian in training, they end up in the year 1492 where Christopher Colombus is in grave danger. Can they prevent disaster?

Check out this very cool website here there are heaps of fun things to do. Codes, games, and fun for all.

Time travel

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Intermediate, Secondary

By Alex Scarrow

In 1912 Liam O’Connor should have died at sea. Maddy Carter should have died on a plane in 2010 and Sal Vikram should have died in a fire in 2026. Each of them was suddenly and mysteriously pulled from safety. They have been recruited to stop time travel from destroying the world.

The adventure continues
Day of the predators

The history keepers

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Intermediate, Primary School

The history keepers : the storm begins

By Damian Dibben

It’s time for a new hero!

This one is hot off the press. Just new in the bookshops now and currently in a pile waiting for me to read.

Jake’s parents have gone missing. Not only  could be lost absolutely anywhere but they could also be lost at any time in history. From 21st century London to 19th century France Jake has to save the world. Jake and his family belong to a secret society of History Keepers, a group that travel through the centuries trying to stop evil and keep the world safe.