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I was very lucky to be part of a panel discussion last week on some of the best books this year. My focus was picture books and I discussed The man in the moon by William Joyce. It is one book in a series about the characters who watch over and protect children from all manner of things, including nightmares. The theory from the characters themselves, is that as long as children believe in the likes of Santa, Jack Frost, Easter bunny, the tooth fairy and the man in the moon, then they will be protected.
The man in the moon has wonderful, bright illustrations and while the story is longer than the usual 32 page format, the story is full of adventure where moonbots protect Mim (man in the moon) as he grows to be a man who in turn protects the children on earth. Lovely.

What is also great is that there is now a movie involving these wonderful childhood iconic characters we all believed in. I can’t wait to see Rise of the Guardians and find out if Jack Frost saves the day, with a bit of help from everyone else of course. Not a book trailer but I couldn’t resist adding this movie trailer and while it is out in the USA we have to wait until New Year to see it here in NZ. Not fair!