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Toto : The dog-gone amazing story of The Wizard of Oz

By Michael Morpurgo

ISBN 9780008134600

HarperCollins Children’s Books


I am loving this book.  A refreshing look at the beloved story of The Wizard from Oz told from the point of view of Toto the dog. He sees things Dorothy doesn’t see and adds so much to the adventure. Toto is an adorable, funny and lovable character. He chases hats in the wind just as dogs might do. He is Dorothy’s best friend and as she says, he doesn’t bite. That makes for a great dog.

The delightful brightly coloured illustrations by Emma Chichester Clark become so much a part of the story too. This is a winner for everyone. Younger children will love it being read aloud and independent readers will not want to put it downI don’t want to put it down but I do need to go to work.

I also love how the author, as with his trademark ability, takes us back into the past and we are suddenly right there in the story. We are right there with Dorothy and Toto as they head down the yellow brick road.

An absolute winner and I can’t wait for lunch time to read some more.



Dorothy must die
By Danielle Paige

I have always been a fan of fractured fairy tales and the wonderful picture books with a twist in their telling. The same goes for young adult novels with their twists and turns in the retelling or revisiting of traditional fairy tales or famous books. And this I believe will be no exception. Set in the World of Oz, Dorothy somehow managed to return to OZ and took control. No longer sweet and innocent Dorothy has now let power go to her head and no-one is safe.
It may just be up to the other Kansas girl Amy Gumm to save the day. She has been recruited by the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked and trained to fight. She will definitely need those skills! Her mission is to remove the tin man’s heart, steal the scarecrow’s brain and even remove the lion’s courage. But that is not all! Once she has done that she must kill Dorothy. But in the land of Oz not all is as it may seem.
Magic, fantasy, good and evil, a crumbling yellow brick road and of course a good old tornado all together for what I think will be a great YA novel. Just waiting for it to hit the shelves any time soon.

I am so looking forward to this one. I love the way the author has given a nod to Judy Garland, the original Dorothy whose proper name was of course Frances Gumm.