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Miniwings series 
By Sally Sutton
Illustrated by Kirsten Richards

The miniwings are little, winged toy horses who secretly come to life but only when adults are not around. Actually when adults are not in the room the little horses get up to all sorts of mischief and cause chaos for sisters, Clara and Sophia. There are six miniwings, each with their own special features. Glitterwing, the prettiest, rains down colourful glitter but don’t be fooled. It isn’t just pretty glitter; it makes you sneeze. Then there is Firestorm who with his trickery just might leave slugs in your bed. Together the six miniwings will turn the easy simple day to day tasks of going to school into a disaster. Clara and Sophia can’t even tell anyone about them or blame them for the trouble they cause, as no one knows they exist. Well, there is one person who might know and who might turn out to be useful in times of chaos.

These are gorgeously illustrated first chapter books for newly independent readers, particularly young girls, although I do know some boys who would love these just the same. The books are funny, naughty, a little bit delightfully girly, but definitely a good read for readers aged about seven. Good series for this age group are often hard to find but I suspect this one will be a hit.


Glitterwings Book Week Blunder
ISBN 9781775434238 

Trying to come up with a costume for book week proves to be quite a problem for the girls especially when the miniwings get involved. A visit to the store turns in to a real disaster with the shopkeeper taking a tumble because of the miniwings. And then its is just one thing after another for the girls. 


Whizz’s Internet Oopsie

ISBN 9781775434245

Warning: If you ever come across a Miniwing, don’t let them anywhere near a credit card. If you want to know why then check out the second book in the series where once again the miniwings cause trouble for Clara and Sophia.