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White tiger legend
By Hu Yuan Nabe

The trailer to this book is very well produced. In fact it is eventually going to be an animated film.

“Take a journey with Zi beyond reality. Go beyond space. Go beyond time. Go beyond the inner workings of your mind. Are you ready for the answer to all things?
Warriors throughout history have journeyed to the famed Shaolin Temple, birthplace of Kung fu, to embark upon this incredible journey – seeking adventure, challenges, and answers to life’s deepest questions.”

Glazed man & rat girl
By Scott Cahan

Quirky well produced animated book trailer just right for middle grade readers.

“A superhero who gets his super powers from donuts, and a girl who keeps turning into a rat no matter how hard she tries to stop herself. Together, they stumble their way through a story of heroic adventure and bad eating habits. When the evil RoboCreep threatens their city, Glazed Man and Rat Girl are the only two people brave enough and foolish enough to stand in his way.
It’s a classic tale of good vs. evil starring the lovable but dim-witted Glazed Man,and the good-hearted but totally berserk Rat Girl.”