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Singing home the whale
By Mandy Hager
ISBN 9781775536574
Random House NZ


Singing home the whale is a stunning novel dealing with so many issues. Will Jackson is a troubled teen who is forced to move from the city to live with his uncle in a quite fishing community. However troubled he is, things are about to get worse.
A chance meeting with a baby orca turns Will’s life upside down but being from the city, some folk consider him an outsider and are ready to turn on him despite his pleas for the whale.
This is a powerful story of a friendship beyond species. Will and the baby whale he names Min, become entwined in a real battle for life. How can Will protect the baby whale and stop the the whole community diving in to chaos? Told in alternating chapters Will and Min both tell their stories. Min’s story is lyrical and at times beautifully haunting. Will’s is gritty, often violent and full of drama. However, Mandy Hager weaves their stories together in a heart-warming way. There is also a little romance and even the impact of social media when it goes terribly wrong. Hager’s novel is an emotional journey that leaves the reader hopeful for a better future. I loved this book. I was very moved by the relationship between Will and Min and found myself getting angry at some of the horrors that were unfolding. I was at the end, left with hope and that is a powerful way to end a story. A solid story dealing with global concerns and how one person can make a difference.