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Low red moon
By Ivy Devlin

Bloomsbury USA

Avery is the first to discover the bodies of her murdered parents. She is so traumatised by it all, she struggles to remember anything of that night other than a flash of silver light.
Afterwards Avery is sent to stay with her grandmother, an arrangement which is far from ideal. But then she meets Ben; mysterious, handsome and with the strangest eyes with just a hint of silver! She is haunted by disturbing nightmares and the need to find out what happened on the night of the low red moon? The answers may be somewhere in the woods! But will she be safe?
This has been out for awhile now but it is great to look at books that you might have missed.


By Sage Blackwood

Jinx is a surplus child so is taken by his step-father into the forest and left – to die!
Jinx has always feared leaving the safety of the path but being left in the forest he has no choice. Leaving the path could lead him to danger; trolls, werewolves, and witches may be hiding everywhere. However, he must do what he needs to survive.Then Jinx meets Simon, a wizard and the only thing Jinx knows about wizards are that they are evil. But this wizard wants to help. Can he be trusted?

This certainly has appeal and is another one I am looking forwad to reading very soon.
Fantasy aimed at 8 through 12 year olds who love a bit of good versus evil, magic and adventure.

Cynthia Leitich Smith
Diabolical is the latest book to be published in the Tantalize series.
Fast-paced gothic fantasy with angels, werewolves, vampires and of course romance. This new book has such a great trailer that I am sure you will want to read the whole series. The trailers for the other three books are also below.

Tantalize Book 1

Eternal Book 2

Blessed Book 3

Darkest powers trilogy

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Darkest powers tilogy
by Kelley Armstrong

HarperCollins Publishers

Chloe Saunders was genetically altered at birth by a group of scientists at the Edison Group. She has the ability to see ghosts, raise the dead and is becoming more powerful. She must be stopped permanently. She is now on the run with other teenagers with their own special powers. But can she trust them?

The summoning Bk 1

The awakening

The reckoning