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A monster calls

By Patrick Ness

Walker Books

ISBN 9781406311525

A monster calls remains one of my all time favourite books. It is a stunningly illustrated and beautifully written tale of the fragility of humans.

Connor knows the monster is out there and that it is coming for him. Coming for the truth!

I cried buckets when I read this book and no doubt I will take tissues with me to see the movie. I am lucky to have a hardback copy of this beautiful book and it sits on my “favourites and beautiful books” shelf.  You know, the ones you grab first if ever you had to evacuate your home. Living with earthquakes and having half our city destroyed in 2011 by a very devastating quake which took the lives of 185 people, you learn to keep things where you can reach them quickly. That’s the shelf for this book.


I hope that all involved wont mind me sharing the trailer as it needs to be spread far and wide. It really will be one movie not to be missed. (And the fact that Liam Neeson and that wonderful accent of his is involved is just another reason to see the movie when it comes out).


And I do believe in reading books first before seeing the movies so here is a trailer to the book for those who haven’t yet read it.

By Zoe Marriott


“Cursed! Betrayed! Imprisoned!
Only love can set her free”

Frost leaves her homeland to travel to the neighbouring country of Ruan where she hopes to find a deity who can rid her of a powerful and dangerous curse. It is a curse which creates havoc, turning berserker rage in the form of a wolf which overtakes her and kills everyone within reach at the site of her own blood. Journey with Frost and the people she meets, the people who can help and the dangers she must face.
Not out in New Zealand yet but I will be watching out for this one when it does.

Body blow
By Peter Cocks.
Walker Books UK April 2012

Eddie Savage is 18 and on the run. Having been shot and left for dead by London’s largest crime family Eddie survives but must hide. Sun, sea and girls, that’s the way he sees it in his new hiding place in Spain. But Spain has its own turf wars. You can run but you can’t hide. This sounds a great one for the guys but thrillers really are for everyone.

Long Reach
By Peter Cocks

This is the first book in the Eddie Savage series. The criminal underwold is a vicious place to be and an even more dangerous place to leave. This first book is set in the ganglands of South London where Eddie is working undercover in order to find the truth about his older brother. Action and danger everywhere. How far will the Kelly gang go?