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The eye of minds
By James Dashner

This is due out in November and I do recommend you look out for it.
The Eye of Minds is the first book in The Mortality Doctrine. This new series is set in a world of hyper-advanced technology and cyber-terrorists. Gaming may be way beyond your wildest dreams but it may also be your worst nightmare.

Michael and other gamers live for the VirtNet where your wildest fantasies become real. In order to have more fun, you have to have the best hacking skills but eventually that isn’t enough and some gamers want to break the rules but at what cost.
As with everything rules are made for a reason – to protect. One gamer is taking people hostage in the VirtNet and that means incredible danger and risks.

The government believes Michael has the best skills and want him to track down the rogue gamer but what happens when the boundaries between real and unreal become blurred. Michael has more to lose than just a game. His life!

While checking this out I visited James Dashner’s website. Very cool and well worth a visit. Great trailer too.

The fight for the future
By Jeff Norton

Jonah Delacroix spends most of his life inside a global computer-based virtual world called the Metasphere. Everyone in this virtual world is represented by an avatar. It is also where Jonah discovers the avatar of his dead father and takes on his online identity which unleashes events forcing Jonah to join a secret group in the real world. A group which must do all that it can to save mankind. However there are two warring factions, the Guardians and the Millenials but which side will you choose? Fast and action-packed and great for those boys who love online games wrapped up in novel form.



By Ursula Poznanski

The cover alone on this book is enough to make you just want to dip right in and start reading. The real world and the virtual world are about to collide for Nick when he is given a computer game called Erebos. As he plays he is asked to play out his game for real. He loses friends and all sense of right and wrong. The game is manipulating him and he is losing control just to try and be the winner. How far will he go? Enter Erebos if you dare.
Really can’t wait to read this one. I suspect many of the boys will want to read this one too.