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The tragedy paper
By Elizabeth LaBan

Last year Tim Macbeth, was a seventeen-year-old albino who transferred to Irving School after struggling socially at his old school. His mother and step father were away so boarding at the school was the only option. It was a chance encounter on the plane where he met Vanessa, and a blizzard which left them alone for the night. It was there he began to fall in love. Turned out she was a student at his new school but involved with someone else. Thus begins a love triangle of sorts.
The school motto is “Enter here to be and find a friend.” Friends for Tim were hard to come by. All he could think about was Vanessa and his total infatuation with her.

This year, Duncan is a senior student who, as the school’s tradition goes, is left a “treasure” in his room by the previous student. Tim was that student and left Duncan a stack of CD’s. It isn’t long before Duncan is totally absorbed in listening to Tim’s story.
Each student in their senior year must write a Tragedy Paper and it is this and the CD’s that connect the two students, Tim and Duncan.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and just like Duncan, I wanted to hurry up reading so I could hear what Tim had to say. It is well written, flows smoothly between viewpoints and has impact. Great read.