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August has seen many commemorations for the centenary of World War 1.
We have created a display in our school library and I am very grateful to our caretaker for building a model of the trenches. The children have been fascinated with all the details. We also purchased a number of non-fiction books on the war which the students have also gravitated to. We do need to remember our soldiers and their heroic deeds.

It is perhaps timely to look back on some of the fiction books set during the First World War and reflect on how difficult and tragic life was for so many people throughout the world.

The Light Horse Boy
By Dianne Wolfer
Illustrated by Brian Simmonds
Pub 2013
ISBN 9781921696572
Fremantle Press

It is 1914 and Jim is caught up in the excitement and promise of adventure of what would become the First World War. The reality was far different. The frontline was brutal and deadly. Find out how Jim struggled with all that went on as the war raged around him and his friends.

Lighthouse Girl
By Dianne Wolfer
Illustrated by Brian Simmonds
Pub 2010
ISBN 9781921361531

Also set during the First World War, Fay lives an isolated and hard life on Breaksea Island as a lighthouse keeper’s daughter. She knows semaphore and Morse code and soon these skills are the only hope for soldiers sending messages to loved ones as Fay then telegraphs the families their message. This is based on truth and puts the reader right in the middle of the war.

There are teaching notes available online from Fremantle Press