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The White cat
Book 1

Cassel’s family are criminals. They are curse workers and have the power through the touch of their hands to change your emotions, your memories, or your luck. But curse work has been illegal since magic was prohibited in 1929 which makes them criminals and con artists. Cassel hasn’t got the magic touch and because of this, his brothers detest him. Cassel starts sleepwalking and having terrifying dreams about a white cat that appears to be trying to tell him something.
However there is a secret at the centre of Cassel’s family and he’s about to inherit it. The truth of this secret is terrifying. And what of the truth about the friend he killed.
This has been around for a few years but now that both book two and three are out it is timely to look at the first book in Holly Black’s fantasy series,

The red glove (book 2)
Black heart (book 3)