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Book One in The bodyguard series
By Chris Bradford

ISBN 9780141340050

I had seen this book in the shops and was drawn to it by it’s cover and story but I put it back thinking it was just a bit too old for my students. However, it wasn’t until after well-known Christchurch reviewer Bob Docherty visited our school yesterday highlighting this as one of his best reads this year, that I am now eagerly compelled to hunt it out again. It could also be the fact that almost all the senior students came rushing into the library this morning hounding me for a copy!
This book does offer action and thrills and suspense. In fact it offers a little of everything to engage readers. The queue for this book will just have to wait as I am hanging out to be the first to read it myself and find out just how 14 year old Connor Reeves deals with being a professional bodyguard. Who would suspect a 14 year old to have the skills of surveillance and protection. Just how will he handle having to protect the President’s daughter, especially as she doesn’t even want a bodyguard.
Check out author Chris Bradford’s site about this series.