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The Bad Guys : The Big Bad Wolf

Book 9

By Aaron Blabley

ISBN 9781742993737

Scholastic Australia

The Bad Guys series remains one of our most popular series at school, from year two all the way to year six. The books are always out and have reserves. Readers love the humour,  illustrations, the heroics and adventures of the different characters. I am always getting asked when the next book is coming out. It is a hard lesson in life when a reader realises that a writer and or illustrator can’t just create a book overnight, just because they want the next one, now! With schools on winter holiday break, now is the perfect time to grab a copy of these very funny books, either from a library or shelves of many good bookshops near you. They are easy to read, lots of illustrations and just so much fun.

Check out this very cool trailer form their latest adventure.