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This is not a good idea
By Mo Willems

We all love Mo Willems’s work. At school Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus is a book that has to be replaced often because it is so loved. His Elephant and piggie books are laugh out loud funny. My favourite is There is a bird on your head. I laugh every time I read it. Willems captures facial expressions so well that you just can’t help falling in love with his characters.
Well, his latest book is out and I bought it for school this week. It offers so much more than a read aloud to young children. Teachers can use it for examples of predictive text, inferencing, trickery and the list goes on.
The illustrations play out like an old Charlie Chaplin movie. The characters are; Hungry fox, Plump goose and baby geese.
A hungry fox and a plump innocent goose is not a good combination. In fact it is not a good idea to go aimlessly off with a hungry fox. Say no more! Great from preschoolers through to 5 and six year olds.
Such a cute trailer!