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What dog knows

by Sylvia Vanden Heede

Illustrated by Marije Tolman

ISBN 9781776570379

Gecko Press

What Dog Knows cover

This is a perfect combination of story and facts.

It is both a chapter book with a story of Wolf and his cousin Dog and their wonderfully quirky relationship but also a book filled with facts and quizzes and lots of humour. Wolf continually attempts to outwit his cousin but sometimes with only a little bit of information he gets confused and Dog has to fill him in with the real facts.

The facts through out the book are bite-size and informative. I loved the chapter about mummies and the hilarious illustration of the recipe for a mummy (according to Wolf). While there are plenty of things in this book to try at home I wouldn’t suggest trying to mummify the cat but it is certainly a laugh-out-loud read. Wolf makes up little rhymes too which tend to annoy Dog but they do add to the story.

There are stories and information about dragons, and dinosuars, pirates and robots but so much more.

The end pages are gorgeous. Watch out for Wolf and his cheeky face under the flaps.

It is an ideal book for readers who love facts, or animal stories, or humour. It really is a book with a little bit of everything. Aimed perhaps at the newly independent readers it still has something for any age whether parents, grandparents or teachers, this is a wonderful book perfectly accompanied by the funniest illustrations.