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Machine Wars
By Michael Pryor

This upcoming book by Michael Pryor isn’t due to be published for a couple of months yet but as soon as I saw the trailer today I just knew I had to share it straight away. What a great trailer. Hooked me in immediately. With the robotic voices, the soundtrack and the graphics, this trailer is the whole package, including the atmospheric creepiness especially at the end. Very good trailer which certainly has me waiting for the release date.

“The Bourne Identity meets The Terminator in this fast-paced technothriller for boys aged 10 to 14”.

Bram’s mother, a high-level computer scientist has discovered that superintelligence exists and because it knows she knows, it is now out to get her. This superintelligence can control any machine connected to the net and will use whatever it can to gain control of the whole world. It will eliminate anything in its way, including Bram’s mother, who is already in hiding, and Bram himself.
For Bram and his friend Stella, that means not only trying to find his parents but being hunted by every machine in the world. Nowhere is safe. Nowhere!