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Shhh! I’m sleeping

By Dorothee de Monfried

ISBN 9781927271957

Gecko PressShhh! I'm Sleeping_cover


How many of you had to share a room when you were little? Well this delightful board book is bound to bring back memories of those shared spaces. In this case there are eight dogs who were all sleeping soundly until Popov starts snoring. One by one they wake up and begin wanting other things to do. Drinks of water, stories and even a change of bed or two keep the young dogs up, well except of course Popov who has no idea his snoring is causing so much trouble.  I love how the illustrations start with just the dark shadows but as each lamp is turned on the characters begin to shine. The dogs are delightful and so familiar. Reminiscent of sleepovers where no one would get much sleep at all.

I don’t think it matters what age of child you read this book to, as the story is a familiar one and has such a lovely warm feeling to it that it will bring out a smile from anyone. I think the illustrations capture the experience perfectly.  Gorgeous!