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The Pied Piper of Hamelin (Trickster tales)
By Russell Brand
Illustrated by Chris Riddell
ISBN 9781476791906
Simon & Schuster


What a joy to read such a funny retelling of an old familiar story. Russell Brand takes the traditional story and fills it with humor and laugh-out-loud moments which will delight not just kids but adults as well.
Hamelin is a town filled with the most obnoxious, self-obsessed and mean-spirited people you can imagine. When the town is suddenly plagued with hundreds and thousands of rats, the Mayor seeks the help of a stranger to dispose of them. However, like all good stories, promises are broken and prices are paid. Lessons to learn, for sure but what a gorgeously funny way to make a point.

Chris Riddell excels at bringing characters to life in his very humorous illustrations. The personalities shine through, the good, the bad and the down-right nasty, warts and all. The combination of author and illustrator works so well that this is sure to be a hit. I certainly hope there will be other trickster tales and soon!

Take time to listen to the author read from his book.