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Rules of summer
By Shaun Tan


I have been hanging out for this book for some months now and when it arrived in the shops this week I didn’t wait. I bought it immediately and I am already in love with it. Shaun Tan is one very talented artist who not only challenges the reader but excites and moves us as well.
The feel of the book, its colours and textures from cover to cover are a work of art but then again you would not expect anything less from Shaun Tan.
This is a story about two boys, either friends or brothers. It is not made clear but it is the relationship between the two on this particular day that is important. There is almost a sense of foreboding and superstition in the “rules” being told about how to deal with life. Terrible things will happen if you break the rules. Tan deliberately adds bizarre characters to the mix and places them in amongst the everyday, asking us to question just what is real and what isn’t.
Tan tempts us to look back on our own childhood and remember the long hot days of summer, the good and the bad and how often what we remember is not what really happened.
This beautifully crafted book can be used at face value or read over and over again on so many different levels. There are teacher notes available for class use which will help unpack this book and lead to an even deeper understanding of this story.
Rules of summer
As with all of Shaun Tan’s work when it comes to the crunch, there are just no rules and that is why he continues to win so many awards. Absolutely love this book!