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The lazy friend
By Ronan Badel

ISB 9781927271414


This is truly a delightfully funny, wordless picture book. Adults will giggle as much as young readers. The saying that a picture tells a thousand words is so true for this book.
A storm blows down a tree in the jungle, but not just any tree. The tree happens to be the one sloth is hanging on to. He is just hanging upside down taking it easy. It is not long before the damaged tree, still with sloth attached, is taken away on a truck. Sloth is totally oblivious to his adventure and his dangerous predicament.
His wonderfully loyal friends are fully aware of the situation and are determined to bring him home again.
The expressions on sloth’s face are priceless especially as the dangers unfold and he remains totally unaware. Children will love the illustrations, and no doubt come up with their own wonderful versions of this story.
Beautifully produced, this book is a wee treasure for all ages. I believe that when this book is released (soon) it will be a hit.