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Unearthly series

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Secondary
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By Cynthia Hand

This is book two in the Unearthly series, by new author Cynthia Hand. See trailer below for the first book.
Clara is coping with the consequences of the choices she made in Unearthly.
Both of these trailers make me want to go out and buy the books straight away.


Clara found she was part-angel when she turned fourteen. Now she is having visions of a terryifying bush fire. Clara finds herself , two years later, with feelings for both Christian, the boy she meets who is from her visions, and her classmate, Tucker. When the fire becomes real both young men are in danger but who will she choose to save? This is the first book in the series.

The fault in our stars
By John Green

This book will break your heart and yes you will want tissues. It is having huge success everywhere at the moment. Hazel has cancer and is attached to an oxygen machine. She meets handsome fellow cancer patient Augustus. Hazel can’t believe how anyone as lovely as Augustus could ever be interested in her. This book really is all everyone is talking about at the moment. Read it for yourself.

By Janet Lee Carey

Book 2 in the Wilde Island chronicles.
I love the haunting music of this trailer. This book has just hit the shops and the reviews have been very good. Heaps of people listing it in their ‘to be read’ list on Goodreads.
Wilde Island is mourning the Pendragon king. While everyone waits for the heir to return, the peaceful pact between dragons, fairies and humans is falling apart. Tess, a blacksmith’s daughter is accused of witchery and she soon finds herself on the run with two friends. She has visions of a sword-wielding man but is he good or bad and just how far can she run. The cover is cool too.

A witch in winter
by Ruth Warburton

Hodder Childrens Books

Anna doesn’t believe in magic or witches. That is until she moves to a new town and discovers that she is indeed a witch herself. And what about Seth – is love real when you have cast an enchantment spell?
Romance and witchcraft and witch clans fighting each other. Sure to be a good read and look forward to seeing this come out next month.

The name of the star

By Maureen Johnson

The start of Rory’s new life in London is thrown into chaos when a series of brutal murders happen. What makes the murders stand out even more is their resemblance to Jack the Ripper murders of years ago. The only witness to the possible suspect is Rory, even though her room mate was with her at the time. How can Rory be the only one to see him and just why is she his next target.

Mythology from Samoa

Posted: November 21, 2011 in Secondary
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Telesa : The covenant keeper
By Lani Wendt Young

This book looks and sounds intriguing. I think the trailer came out before the book. I am having a job trying to track down a physical copy as opposed to a digital version but the city library have it on order so hopefully it will arrive soon.
Telesa are demon women gifted with the powers of the elements. They are vengeful and cruel. When Leila arrives in Samoa, searching for a place to belong, she finds herself caught up between the sisterhood of the Telesa and the beginnings of a romance with Daniel. Mythology, romance and fantasy. Can’t wait! This is a book with a difference.


Posted: October 5, 2011 in Secondary
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By Courtney Allison Moulton
This is the first book in a new trilogy. It has it all; fantasy, romance, a young woman with the reincarnated soul of an ancient warrior, reapers and of course a battle for good.
This trailer is a little longer than some of the others but worth watching.