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Splat the cat says thank you
By Rob Scotton

I love all of Rob Scotton’s Splat the cat books. He is just the most gorgeous but often naive cat character. The illustrations are just wonderful, soft and cute and draw you in immediately. Not sure when this latest book will hit New Zealand shores but I can’t wait. His best friend Seymour is of all things a mouse. Not your usual friendship but they are firm, loyal friends. Great to read with really young children and even older ones. Splat is just the best.

Splat the cat
By Rob Scotton


I just love Splat the cat. Actually anything Rob Scotton does is magic. As always Splat will have you laughing out loud with young ones.
Splat the Cat starts noticing things are not quite right at home. His father’s duck decoys start to go missing but are then mysteriously returned minus their beaks! Who could be doing this. It is up to Splat to find out. Secret Agent Splat is on to the mystery.

Dinosaur mardi gras
by Diane de Las Casas

Chomp and stopm with the dinosaurs.

It’s a little book
By Lane Smith

I loved the first book and trailer for It’s a book. Now there is another version as a board book.
Really very sweet.

Splat the cat
By Rob Scotton

If you haven’t read any of the Splat the cat books you are missing out. Delightful and cheeky and great for younger readers. Great to snuggle up with a wee one and read aloud.