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By S. F. Said

Illustrated by Dave McKean

“The supernova is coming … one boy alone can save the galaxy”

I confess I have not read any of S. F. Said’s books before but I am lining up for this one and I have already checked that the local library has it on order. I will be checking my local bookshops too as it is due out very soon. What attracted me first to this book was that it had been illustrated by the Dave McKean. I love his illustrations. They are at times dark, weird and wonderfully atmospheric. The trailer to this book is different to most and indeed stunning. The narrator has the voice of the old traditional storytellers. I just wanted to sit back and listen to the rest of the story.
I began reading the story here courtesy of Random House Children’s Publishers and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Lucky thinks he’s an ordinary Human boy. But one night, he dreams that the stars are singing – and wakes to find an uncontrollable power rising inside him.

Now he’s on the run, racing through space, searching for answers. In a galaxy at war, where Humans and Aliens are deadly enemies, the only people who can help him are an Alien starship crew – and an Alien warrior girl, with neon needles in her hair.

Together, they must find a way to save the galaxy. For Lucky is not the only one in danger. His destiny and the fate of the universe are connected in the most explosive way . . . ”

Trailer created by Dave McKean

The history keepers
Circus maximus
By Damian Dibben

Random House childrens’ books

If you loved the first book then this is also sure to please. Plenty of action, plenty of racing to save the world.
Stocks of Atomium the crucial ingredient which allows them to travelthrough time are still perilously low. In this sequel the travelers go way back in time. Way, way back, but can they find their way to the present. Can they find the atomium in time?

This trailer gave me a fright. I love the series although I still have more to read but Joseph Delaney sure knows how to write.
From his first book in the Spooks Series, Thomas Ward was the last hope for the county to keep evil away. The Spook must train Thomas but there are many evil beings in the way.

I am Grimalkin is the ninth book in the Spook’s Stories series. Grimalkin is a witch assassin who has teamed up with the Spook and Thomas but she has her own agenda. She seeks revenge and that makes her dangerous.

Start at the beginning and begin reading The Spook’s Stories.

The Spook’s apprentice Book 1
Random House
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