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Quake cats : heartwarming stories of Christchurch cats
By Craig Bullock

Published October 2014

The trailer for this beautiful book gets me every time I watch it. I can’t wait to read the stories
of real cats and how they survived or perhaps didn’t survive the awful tragic earthquakes that devastated our city in 2011. This is a book for everyone, not just those who went through the earthquakes. We know the suffering that went on but animals also suffered. This book follows the great success of Quake dogs in 2013. I just know this will also be a hit. I have already pre-ordered my copy and look forward to its release in October.

My own cat Dusty suffered badly in the earthquakes and is not the same as she once was. I have two cats and just days before the February 22 earthquake, Lily the one year old, was dragged from our property by a dog, that viciously mauled her, shaking her in its mouth until two kind neighbours put their own lives in danger and rescued her. After time at the vets she came home, vet smelly, stapled together and lucky to be alive. Then the earthquake hit. I had a house full of extra people staying who didn’t have anywhere else to go, and even another cat.
Dusty struggled with the vet smells and Lily’s predicament and obvious pain, the extra people and cat and the continuous shakes and roaring sound of the earthquakes. Dusty completely shredded drapes at the front door as she tore at them trying to get out every time there was a noise. She really became quite aggressive and nervous. Eventually she bailed me up and I was under serious attack and afraid!! I had just showered and my only escape was to throw the towel on her and run through the house naked. (Not a pretty sight). The next day Dusty was at the vet first thing and spent many, many months on medication to calm her. Dusty is off the medication now but she still hisses at everything, runs in fear at any sudden noise, and even the wind can upset her. Family and friends tell me Dusty is broken (jokingly of course) but when she snuggles up, paws around my neck, nuzzling and purring away I know she is still under there somewhere, under all that fear.
For those of you who may have read my children’s novel Canterbury Quake, My New Zealand Story; yes there is a Dusty in the novel. She really went crazy so many times that I felt she deserved her own little place in the story. And as for Lily, she is fine – a little on the heavy side perhaps but lovely.
DO look out for Quake cats, you won’t be disappointed. Tearful maybe, but worth it completely worth it.

My Dusty, who loves hiding anywhere safe and secure.