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This is the sequel to Hereafter (trailer below)where Amelia is still stranded and caught in the in-between. Caught between living and dead and fighting for her love of Joshua. In New Orleans, searching for answers, Amelia meets other spirits also caught in the in-between and they tempt her to join them. But what of her love for Joshua and even more dangerous, what of the evil spirits who may just ending up taking any choice away.

Amelia has been stranded in an everlasting nightmare, stuck for years in the in-between where no-one knows of her existence. No-one that is until the day Joshua falls in to the water almost drowning and she rescues him. Can he help her?

Siren (Book 1)
By Tricia Rayburn

Vanessa is 17 and afraid of almost everything. Her big sister Justine has always been there to help. That is, until the day she jumps off the cliff in Winter Harbour and her body is washed up on shore the next day. Everyone thinks it is a sad and tragic consequence of the life she was leading but not Vanessa. Soon many more bodies wash up onshore, all young males, dead but grinning from ear to ear. Panic is rising in the small town and it is up to Vanessa and Justine’s boyfriend to find out what is happening. Sirens and secrets abound in this trilogy. The second Undercurrent follows Vanessa’s journey and the third is to be published mid 2012.