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By Michelle Harrison
Simon and Schuster UK 2012

The cover alone is enough to make me want to read this book. It sounds so intriguing.

Elliot is 17 and has hardly slept in the six months since he had an accident which nearly killed him.
Some nights he wakes up unable to move at all. Suffering from paralysis he is forced to watch ghostly figures move around him. Other nights he has out-of-body experiences where he is moving around while his body sleeps on the bed. He believes this connects him to the spirit world so he eventually finds a job working in one of England’s most haunted places. It is there that he discovers Sebastian, the ghost of a servant boy hanged many years ago for stealing bread. But Sebastion is dangerous. As Elliot leaves his body, Sebastion begins to occupy it and the more he takes over his body, the more resistant Sebastion is to give it back. Sebastion also has an unhealthy interest in Ophelia, the new girl in Elliot’s life. This will be another must read and I have just ordered it at the library.