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What it is and why it matters
By Philippa Werry

New Holland Publishers

ANZAC day is such an important and historic part of New Zealand’s history but for many people, myself included, we only know bits and pieces. Here in this soon to be published book, Philippa Werry answers all those questions we have. Aimed at the 8 – 12 year old, this book tells us about the Last Post, ANZAC biscuits, and the Natiional Anthem. The author also examines the Gallipoli Campaign and the Great War, and explains about the commemorative services held annually throughout the country. Informative and thoroughly researched this book is highlighted with numerous photos, both historic and contemporary, allowing children an insight to one of this country’s most historic moments and its impact on how we see things today. Find out why we wear the red poppy or why we have memorials! For children who just love a bit more there are many links to internet articles and even more information to whet the appetite.
This will be a definite addition to my school library when it comes out in March.
Philippa Werry is a librarian and children’s writer.