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Hysteria by Megan Miranda

So cool to see this new trailer for Megan Miranda’s latest young adult book.
I love the cover too.

Mallory’s boyfriend is dead. Mallory stabbed him but can’t remember anything of that night.  Attempting to start afresh, her parents send her to boarding school but someone or something has followed her. She feels a hand on her shoulder late at night. She hears someone whispering out her name. Then a student is found dead and once again Mallory is the opnly thing people are talking about. Who or what is out there and can she escape her past?

Check out Megan Miranda herself introducing her novel.

By Megan Miranda

Delaney Maxwell falls through the ice, somehow surviving 11 minutes under water until her best friend Decker pulls her out. Recovery and getting back to normal is a struggle as she begins to feel the urge to seek out people who are dying. Or perhaps they are dying because she has sought them out! Whatever is happening to her, Delaney feels alone until she meets Troy Varga. He has just recently emerged from a coma with similar abilities to Delaney’s. Is their ability a special gift or is it a freak of nature type thing or is it much more worse and can she trust her new friend?.
Check out author Megan Miranda’s site to try and win a signed copy. Be quick as it ends soon. It is open internationally.